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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Makeup for ppl who have lower folds-- Natural look

Hello hello...!!! =)
Okay... you guys are prob thinking... huh?!?!????

LOL that's not me... I want to thank my very good friend, Joyce <3 for agreeing to let me do makeup/blog about it :) Thanks Joyce! LOVE YOU!!

I'm so excited to share this! This is actually what I set out to do on my blog... working with different ppl with different features... :) you DON'T have to look like anyone else, you don't have to try to change yourself to look like models or celebrities... you're beautiful the way you are! There's always a way to work with your features, you just have to work with it and find it :)

So this post is dedicated to those out there whose folds are lower.
We Asians all know we have very different folds, positiong higher or lower, folding outward, or inward, or not even having a fold at all-- monolids. I will write a post about different eye folds in another post :) working in progress.

You DON'T have to use glue or tape to try to change your fold... just work with it :)

Here's the pic of the lower fold so you have an idea of what I'm talking about

For eyeliner:
And here's my suggested map:
This is not the best representation of my friend's eye although I based the map on one of her pics. But I think her fold is a bit higher than this. Anyway, depending on how low your fold is, if it's really low you can only see on the outer corner, I'd suggest only tight-lining on the upper liner. If your fold is a bit higher than this, you can line the outer 1/3 or outer 1/2, really depends on how you like it. For my friend, I tight-lined her upper liner, then start lining her around half way.


For eye shadow:
Because of the nature of her fold, I brought the eye shadow way pass her fold so it would show better. It would help when you're applying eyeshadow, bring it up, then look straight into the mirror to see if you can see the color or it's all "buried" in the folds lol. Sometimes it would feel like you already put a lot of eye shadow on, but when you actually look straight, you can barely see the eye shadow. So keep checking in the mirror and see how far you should bring the eye shadow up until you can see it when you look straight. :)

I only used three colors: matte white under her brow bone, matte taupe all over her lid, matte dark brown on the outer corner and on outer corner of her lower lashline.
Her lashes are freaking long O_O that's only one coat of mascara... damn!

ps. I should've combed the lashes in place... ahh!! :P






For the rest of her face...
-Missha BB cream in 23
- A bit of MAC select moisture cover in NC 20 on the redness around her nose
- Stila Marigold for blush
- Anastasia duo brow powder in medium ash

That's it! Thanks again, Joyce! <3 <3
Song of the day:

"Pyramid" by Charice, featuring Iyaz

Charice is amazing! Just bought her album today and I couldn't stop listening to it :)

Going-out look coming up as well! Also might be working on a Ayumi Hamasaki inspired look :)
<3 Frances


  1. You are amazing. I love you!

  2. aww u are back looks so nice =x

  3. @ Joyce: love you more :D

    @ daidai bel: thanks for your support <3 <3


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