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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hi... =)


Haven't updated my blog in two weeks >_< So just wanna come here and say hi =) Hope everyone's doing well!

Right now I only have one exam left and it's not till the day after tomorrow... so I'm pretty chill now haha.

I spent all Saturday on campus taking finals... Sunday all day on campus studying... Monday all day on campus studying and taking my biochem final... so it had been like almost three full days until I was actually really home, and interacted with my guinea pig >_<

I was soo happy to hold him and play with him lol!!
Took these yesterday =P my webcam sucks haha.
Charlie was prob thinking...wtf???


I know he's HUGE. but I like it =) so I don't have to be too careful/gentle with him XD I was gonna get hamsters but they're so small I was scared I'd squeeze them and kill them O_O

lol a very random post it is.

I'll have more beauty-related stuff coming up soon... =)

<3 Frances


  1. haha yes he is =P although he sort of looks like a rabbit or a skunk too XD

  2. haha...getting a guinea pig is definitely a wise decision.:)
    I looked after for my cousin's hamsters once and they were more troublesome than I thought. The biggest problem is that you can't really let them be out of your reach even for a second once they're out of the cage. What happened is that one hamster sneaked into the digital piano....... It took us a long time to get him while he was sleeping soundly in it. XD

  3. how did it even get into the digital piano in the first place O_O lol!

  4. how did it even get into the digital piano in the first place O_O lol!


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