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Monday, April 30, 2012

First-time attempt to sculpt my lips XD Hyorin/Hyolyn Inspired... kind of :P

Can you even spy the difference here? XD Photobucket
LOL prob not? XD

I saw the cover of Hyorin's song "I choose to love you" and for some reason noticed her lips :P Photobucket
I found the shape of her lips adorable :D

I don't have her lip shape so I just tried to fake it using lipstick and concealer XD


The difference is pretty subtle cuz I wanted it to look natural...

Although... it really doesn't look natural at all in real life =_=

The concealer just looks really unnatural and awkward around the lips =( I even tried using a concealer that's darker than my skin tone but it appears so much paler next the the hot pink lips. Boo =(
(yeah I have mustache leave me alone XDXDXD lololol) Hmmm maybe lip liner would've helped? =D but I don't have one XD

Seriously, I don't know how I watch Michelle Phan do this in so many tutorials without ever thinking it looked unnatural??? @_@ must be the lighting and the video being washed out. I should'n't be surprised actually since I do videos myself XD

As always, some camho pics for your enjoyment (?) XD
Excuse my mega dark circles. I had 1 hour of sleep last night. O_o
lol you can see the concealer in this pic

and this pic

every pic?!?!?!?!?!?!


To be honest I kind of like this lip shape XD But in reality no one probably would even notice the difference lol.

So before I end this post, just want to share some of the songs by Hyorin =D
I've been obsessed with her >_< which is horrible timing because I've been youtubing her videos when I'm supposed to be studying for exams/preparing for finals X_x

I'm seriously in love with her >_<
Her voice is incredible <3 I actually kind of love how her voice is a little bit raspy :P she sings very soulfully... if anyone have the same feeling? And for some reason she reminds me of Christina Aguilera a bit when she's performing this particular song. She has the cutest smile >////< (haha omg listen to me going on and on about her lol)

I feel like I haven't seen a Korean singer with so much presence since BoA @_@ My level of obsession for her is nowhere near the level I was obsessed with BoA years ago XD (not yet hehe)  But seriously, this girl is always so confident! It really shines through when she's performing.

She needs to go solo :P I hope she would XD I feel like Sistar is just like any other mainstream Kpop groups... she needs to do different elements/style of music :D (If there are any Sistar fans here I'm sorry lol).

Lastly... two songs I've been obsessed with :D on replay all the time haha
Her voice is so versatile >w< she sounds so cute in this song <3

I think both of these songs are from the drama "Man of Honor" (or is it "Glorious Jane?" I have no idea). Haven't watched it yet. I don't have the habbit of watching Korean dramas but Park Min Young's in there and I like her :D we'll see.
At first I thought this song sounds so generic, but somehow it got stuck in my head. lol.

That's all I have today ^_^ Hope you guys enjoyed the music!

Any songs recommendation? =D

<3 Frances


  1. Yes changing your lip shape with concealer is kind of hard..I don't see a lot of people do it for real life purposes, just photoshoots/movies/dramatic events you know those kind of things. But even so you did a good job maybe just a little more blending and it wouldn't be so obvious :3

  2. I'm not sure how it looks in real life, but it looks soo nice in picture! I envy those lip shapes! :X
    I really like hyorin too! (I haven't listened to many SISTAR songs but when I first heard them her voice stood out the most). And I admire her healthier...more normal (?) body image than the typical uber skinny idols :X

    I enjoyed watching Man of Honor! But that's just me haha I recognize the last song but not so much the 2nd to last...sounds so different but still sooo nice! :D

  3. I beg to differ. I think your lip shape look really nice and natural but then again, I understand what you mean coz some features that look very exaggerated in real life actually look quite good in photos.

  4. Taninhah Vanity-NailsMay 1, 2012 at 1:18 PM

    Hyorin lips <3
    I tried to sculpt my lips too, but the same as you, unnatural...

  5. haha I think next time I'm gonna conceal my lips first THEN apply lipstick... I couldn't really blend it that well because I didn't want to mess up the lipstick. Shall see if that works better =D

  6. Hahaha cuz pictures get washed out WAHAHAH xD I know I want her lips T_T I think her lips are so cute and sexy O_O I went to search for some SISTAR songs after listening to Hyorin but I think they're just okay. I like her body too!!! Very luscious??!?!?!?!? XD soooo sexyyyyyy >///<

    hahaha I wasn't sure if that song is from the drama... maybe it's not :P I might watch it over the summer when I have more time keke

  7. hahaha aw thanks! yeah the photos are just washed out =P I'm never gonna walk out of my door with this unless I can find a way to perfect it XD

  8. *face palms* if you find a way to do it more naturally please let me know ^_^

  9. i think it looks good! i've never tried sculpting my lips before, but it sounds interesting! ;)

    <3, Mimi

  10. eh the shape is so cute! I'm too much of a lazy bum to reshape my lips xD

  11. You did a great job.

    From Paris with love!
    Les jolies.

  12. I think the key is to get something that matches your skin tone, you could always use your foundation too instead of concealer. Are you sure the concealer was darker? It does look very light, maybe just blend it a little more? I love sculpting lips though I don't do it too often.
    I really like the lip colour your sporting!

  13. lol yeah I'm sure. I've never thought abt using foundation! will try that next time! thanks :D

  14. ur lips look sharper and fuller :) well done :D *hugs*


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