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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Really want to try the SK-II Facial Treatment Cream Foundation ><"

Woah... Logged into blogger today and realized the whole format has been changed O_O!!!! It will take some getting used to lol.

 If you've been reading my blog for a while you all know I'm a foundation junkie XD Recently came across this video... and OMG the foundation looks incredible on her O_O++++


Fast forward to 1:00 to see the cream foundation in action. Hehehe she's Taiwanese too =DDD

I LOVE that glow the foundation gave!! omg omg omg omg so pretty ><" (but she has dry skin...)

Anyway so I got really excited and immediately went to look it up... and I almost fainted at the price tag ><" $95 for 0.7 oz?! It's not even the standard 1 oz.... HOLY CRAP.

Having combination skin I've never had good experience with cream products because they tend to separate/slip and slide (even with powder) on my face. But I looked up quite a few reviews and some state because of how hydrating this foundation is (also the Pitera treatment it contains I guess?) it actually keeps their oiliness at bay?!

Too bad there is not a SKII counter where I live or else I would have gone and picked up a sample T^T

Hahahah just a short whining post. :P

Since I shared newapplearial 陳佩佩's video, I figure I might as well share some of her other videos that I really enjoy =D Her videos are in Chinese though, so sorry for non-Chinese audiences!

I knew about her for quite a while ago but I wasn't really fond of her videos back then because I thought her tutorials were just okay. But when I randomly came across her videos recently again I realized her style has changed and I like her now :D I'm still not crazy about her tutorials but I really really enjoy her reviews ^_^

I thought this concealing tutorial is pretty interesting O_O+

This video talks about her favorite skincare products from 2011. I really want to try the Bobbi Brown eye cream but DAMN it's pricey. ><" but from the way she described her fine lines I really think this eye cream might work for me since I have the same problem as well. (Jeune d'age eye cream hasn't really done anything for me... 殘念orz)

And this video talks about her favorite makeup products from 2011. I adore that Etude blush it looks so cute!! Must try to track it down when I go to South Korea this summer. Did I mention I'm going to South Korea for one week this summer? =DDDDD

By the way thank you guys for the encouraging words regarding my last post about my fitness progress... =D I'm still not at my goal but it's okay I know it's gonna take just that extra bit of effort and time. I'm very close =D Me and my roommate didn't do the P90X workout. We started with the Insanity workout instead since that one is shorter (it's too hard to find time or even just work out for 1 hour straight at the moment XD especially with that kind of intensity...) My body is feeling pretty sore at the moment. Which is a good feeling actually considering I haven't felt sore in a while since I work out consistenly now XD (but man when I first started doing those workout videos soreness and pain and weakness were all I could feel everyday for like a month O_O)  Okay now I'm just rambling.

Hope you guys still enjoyed this post anyway? ><" 

Talk to you guys later ^_^

<3 Frances


  1. The price tag is a big turnoff! But SK-II products are all pretty much in the same price :| Maybe try it if you finish/have only a few foundations in your stash left? :P (or not possible? hehe)
    I should try and watch her videos more and learn some mandarin beauty vocab xD Right now I could only pick up bits and pieces of what she is saying...

  2. wowww. The cream foundation looks amazing on her. :o sad that it's definitely something I wont buy cos it's too pricey for 0.7oz.

  3. hahahaha I think I will only try it when my skin is more mature XD too pricey for me anyway T_T do you speak Canto??


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