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Sunday, November 8, 2015

[Chit Chat] My thoughts on the MAC eye shadow palettes

Hey guys =D

Thought I'd come up here and share my thoughts on my MAC eye shadow palettes. More like a chat post as opposed to review... not doing any swatches here cuz I'm sure you can find a lot of swatches out there LOL.

There are now four of those 15-eye shadow palettes available on Nordstrom now. The latest one being the "Nordstrom's Finest", which I do not own. Two out of four of the palettes are Nordstrom exclusive.

My general attitude toward MAC eye shadows is... I do NOT think they're the best out there LOL. Nor are they must-haves. Hahaha. And that attitude remains unchanged after owning these three palettes. I never understand when people say MAC makes the best eye shadows out there????? Urban Decay and Lancome make just as good eye shadows in my opinion (if not better). NARS, Bobbi Brown are pretty good too. But what do I know, I'm never crazy about eye shadows hahaha. 

I think I have a more sentimental attachment toward the MAC eye shadows... when I first started out on makeup, MAC was THE number one hot makeup brand back then... being the most innovative, and the boldest when it came to colors and concepts. I could never bring myself to collect them though because at $14 an eye shadow (that was the price back then... now it's $16 per shadow), I just could NOT. Plus I'm never super big on eye shadows. So of course I got excited when I saw 15 eye shadows being retailed at $85 =D that... and I totally thought they were limited editions so I bought them on a whim (mentally kicks self in the crotch HAHAHHAHAHAHA).

Let's first talk about the Cool Neutral palette


It's collecting dust in my vanity... well it's not, because I keep it in a drawer, but in my mind it is LOL. I kind of feel the same way about this palette as I do NAKED 2... aka I wish I didn't buy them haha. Not saying they're bad, but just not for me. Cool toned eye shadows just do not suit me... purply taupes and silvery taupes make me look tired.

"Blackberry" is my favorite shade out of this entire palette. I just find it a beautiful color to deepen the crease. Goes really well with browns (although I'm sure it will pair extremely well with taupes and silvers too). However I often forget about it because it's in this palette -_-

The other shades that I like are Crushed Clove, Deception, and Cumulus. Brun is a universal brown (not too red or too ashy) but it can apply a bit patchy.  Not really into pinks and whites so these are pretty much untouched. And I don't really get the point of glittery black either???

I think if you love doing that cut-crease look, you will love this palette. If you also enjoy NAKED 2 chances are you'll probably like this one too. However, personally I wish I've saved the money for something else.  

I feel like I can kind of lump the Warm Neutral and the Nordstrom Naturals together... and it's kind of hard for me to choose one. I'll explain why. 



Between the two palettes, my favorite shade is Saddle. I'd describe it as an orangey brown? But both palettes have Saddle LOL.

Both palettes also have a dark brown to create a more diffuse/softer eyeliner look, or to deepen the crease (Brun in Nordstrom Naturals, Dance in the Dark in Warm Neutral)

Both palettes have a dark purple to deepen the crease (Dark Brew in Nordstrom Naturals, and Embark in Warm Netural)

Both palettes have Amber Lights, which I'd describe as a copper color but pulls a bit too orange/red on me O_O (I love orangey eye shadows but this one makes me look really tired-- I always have to layer it over some more neutral shades).

Both palettes have enough natural neutral brown shades that honestly don't make a huge difference on me. Both also contain pinky hightlights (which I'm not crazy for-- I prefer champagne/beige/gold toned highlights).

So I guess it boils down to if you want to have black eye shadow in your palette. Personally prefer using dark browns/purples to darken my crease/outer V so I care quite little about having a black eye shadow in my palette.

In the end though, if I had to choose one palette, I'd go for the Warm Neutral palette. Because!!

This Beauty Marked shade =_= is completely useless to me. First of all, it's so chalky, I have the hardest time blending it. Makes the rest of my eye shadows look muddy/dirty because it's so hard to blend. Second of all... the purple glitters separates from the black base when you apply it. I mean, what is it doing??????? I don't get it.

All in all, I think I at least have utility for all shades in the Warm Neutral palette. Oh, forgot to mention, I really like Butterfudge in this palette. Reminds me of Soba, which is one of my favorite/easiest to wear eye shadows.

That concludes my lengthy chat about the MAC palettes! What do you guys think about the eye shadow palette???? At one point I was thinking about depotting some of the shadows and just stick the ones I like in there LOL but couldn't find a tutorial on it so I'm not gonna risk it.   

Think down the road I'm definitely gonna get rid of the Cool Neutral palette, as well as the NAKED 2 palette LOL. They deserve a more loving home T_T But I'm also considering getting rid of both the warm neutral and natural palettes... depending on how much I like the Viseart palette, which I'm thinking about getting during the VIB sale.


I'd love to hear your thoughts =) Please provide a link back so I can visit your blog too if you have one =D

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