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Monday, November 16, 2015

Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra 24H Foundation Review

Hello fellow makeup lovers!

Doing a review on an old foundation... hope you guys don't mind. Got a question about how I matched myself  to this foundation, so while I was at Sephora the other day, I remembered to rematch myself...  just to make sure the shade I listed on My Beauty Information is still up-to-date =D figured might as well get a sample and do a review while I'm at it. Some foundations I listed there don't have a dedicated post... probably because I was just too busy to take photos/do reviews before the samples dried out... or just wasn't anything special (translation: not amazing, but also not to the point I wanted to come here and make a statement to warn the public HAHAHA).


I tried out Teint Idole Ultra years ago when it first came out... ppl were saying it's the best liquid foundation for oily girls. I can't really remember why I was underwhelmed by the foundation at that time... this time around, I think it's good, but still not something I want to put on my wishlist lol.

They were running out of the tester for this shade, but it was enough for me to rematch myself so no biggie hahah.  
I feel like for NC20-25 (leaning closer to NC20), there really isn't a perfect match. Among all the shades I tried, I still think 310 Bisque C works the best. On Sephora, it's described as "For medium-light to medium skin with cool/pink undertones". And I agree, it does lean orange-pink. Tried 320 Bisque W but it was too dark. Tried various shades from the 200s range and none of them looked right-- from reading the descriptions, you would think something along 230, 250 and 260 could work, but eh... not really. Anyway, can't speak for others, but for myself, can't find a perfect match for Teint Idole Ultra. If this shade comes with yellow tones it would've been perfect.

Like I mentioned before... my new place doesn't really have good sunlight, and the day I took these photos it was rather gloomy so I had to turn on the ceiling light, which was rather yellow/orange. I did try to take the pictures close to the window, but just bear that in mind.

Leans orange-pink





Just took multiple photos... hopefully they'll help you guys gauge the color/undertones of this shade better.


From this pic, you can really tell it's quite orange-pink.






Bare face, with Diorsnow sunscreen as my base. 



At that time still struggling with this bad boy haha. I actually realized it wasn't because I was vitamin B deficient O_O will talk about it more at the end of the post.

As you guys can see from the swatches, Bisque 300 C does lean orange-pink. I generally apply a very thin layer when it comes to foundations, so I think that's why I was able to pull it off. Keep in mind if you need a lot of coverage/prefer a heavy hand, this shade might not work on you.
I used a wet BeautyBlender. Didn't crop out the pics as much as I normally do because wanted to show you the yellow/orange lighting in my room (took the pics in front of the window). Also made an effort to show my neck so you guys can see the color difference.

Face is a bit pink/orange compared to neck, but not too bad.





Yellow/orange lighting galore. Think I did pretty good capturing the pics under sunlight aside from this pic haha.



Had some dryness/flaky skin going on that day on my nose, but the foundation actually didn't cling to it too badly. Definitely looks better in the photo, in person it's a little bit more noticeable than this but not that bad.

Overall effect
I had to climb on my table to stand right in front of the window just to get the best natural light... hahaha. If a neighbor poked his/her head out of the window they'd probably be like... what she doing HAHAH. Things we do for blogging.



Keep in mind if you like heavy coverage... you probably will look a lot more orange-pink than this...







The flakiness close-up. Don't normally wear liquid foundations when I have flaky skin but I just didn't care that day hahaha.





About 5 hours later
Would I say I feel less oily compared to other liquid foundations? Uhhh maybe just a little? I think in terms of oil control MUFF Mat Velvet+ does a better job. But the finish of that foundation is also a lot more matte.



Not bad! Considering my skin wasn't the smoothest that day, I'd say this foundation did pretty good.


The corner of my mouth got REALLY dry at the end of the day... not the foundation's fault. Probably wouldn't have looked as noticeable if I wasn't wearing a foundation... This thing did get worse after I did my review on the Too Faced Born this Way foundation, so I really don't blame this founation.



My conclusion?

Like I said at the beginning of the post... it's good, but I just feel like it's one of those foundations that is good, but nothing extra special. I just prefer something that is a bit more creamy so it sticks to the skin better. MUFF Mat Velvet+ is an exception-- it's not creamy but it sticks to the skin pretty well. At least it never gives me that feeling that it's about to separate when I get oily. Overall, good, but I wouldn't pay $46.50 for it.

So back to my "mouth" issue. Not exactly sure what to call it, cuz it's not eczema/atopic dermatitis even though it looks like one. So I started noticing dryness on the corner my mouth and eventually it started to crack... so painful T_T At first I thought it was because I was vitamin B deficient... but I realized that wasn't it cuz I eat plenty of whole grains and vegetables. Actually even started to take supplements but it did NOT help so that's when I figured I was going about it the wrong way. Tried hydrocortisone-- it got better for a day or two but then it got worse... so then I knew it wasn't just an inflammation issue... hydrocortisone may have helped with the symptoms but it didn't cure the root of the problem. So I started using coconut oil, even got a few face oil samples from Sephora hoping it would help. NOTHING helped. I really didn't understand what was going on because I thought I ate a very well balanced diet and I was trying every skin care that I thought might help. Then after about two weeks I started craving peanut butter out of nowhere LOL. Then I realized... I was lacking fats!!!! O_O I've been mostly eating oatmeal/breads/salads/soups just for the convenience and I had plenty of grains, fiber and protein in my diet, but I really wasn't eating enough fat. Anyway, I made a point to eat some peanut butter every day for about 3 days and it already got SO MUCH better lol. It's been about a week and now all that's left is a little bit of dryness... all the cracking has healed. So ladies and gentlemen... moral of the story... always check your diet if you have skin problems. Sometimes skincare/medications might provide a quick and temporary fix, but if you want to fix the problem... you really gotta look at the whole picture. A while ago I was on a super clean diet (mostly raw food... I mean yes I cook my meat and stuff but I just ate a lot more raw greens as opposed to pan-fry them) and my skin had never looked better. Didn't stick with that diet cuz that only works when the weather is warm LOL. Anyway, hope my little experience will help someone if you're struggling with some skin problems.

And of course, hope this post helps those who are struggling to color match for this foundation.

Have a lovely week =)

<3 Frances

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