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Monday, November 16, 2015

November 2015 Empties/Mini Reviews

Hi guys!!

Two posts in one day =D Haha reason why I'm so productive today is actually because I caught a cold -_- Just trying to stay out of the cold and away from people lol. Oh good news guys =) I passed both of my licensing exams!! =DD right now just waiting for the Board to issue me my license. Decided to put aside job applications for a while because it's almost impossible to apply for a position without my license. I was hoping some places might be willing to train me while I wait, but nope! lol. Anyway, since I'm just staying home and sneezing and coughing and trying to keep my head from exploding... figured might as well catch up on some blogging. I know it's only mid-November but I figured I already accumulated enough crap to talk about XD

1. Bumble and bumble thickening shampoo and conditioner samples 
In general I would never go for high end conditioners, cuz I really feel like they don't make that much of a difference (since I only apply conditioner from the mid to ends of my hair it doesn't touch my scalp at all). This conditioner is no exception... didn't do much. I liked the shampoo though! My hair does feel more fluffy/voluminous when I use this. I got the travel size to play with, but I don't think I'd ever go for the full-size... too expensive for how much you get.

2. Perfect Whip cleanser
Don't think you can go wrong with Shiseido products lol. I think I went through 2 or 3 of these??? It's cheap and cheerful and does the job. Probably won't repurchase in a long time cuz right now my favorite drugstore facial cleanser is the Innisfree volcanic one, and I haven't got sick of that one yet so I'm gonna stick with that =D

I did good didn't I? haha. Sorry it looks kind of nasty.

2. Fasio mascara and Integrate mascara primer
Talked about these two here. Thoughts did not change so you can just refer to that if you're interested =)

Here's what the wands look like since I didn't show them in that post:


Very very fat wand lol.

Will I repurchase?

Well I don't have access to either, so nope! Haha. If you can try them at a reasonable price I would say you could give them a try. I haven't tried any mascara primer that tops the Majolica one. If I have access to the mascara I wouldn't mind picking the black one up. I like how the formula is very thickening, somewhat lengthening, yet it does not contain any fibers. That gets a thumbs up from me!

3. Yes To Grapefruit Body Wash
I like =) currently using up a LUSH soap that I got a while ago, as well as my Jo Malone body/hand soap that I got in a Nordstrom anniversary sale set, but once I finished those I will probably get something from Yes To.... unless something else really catches my eye.

4. Clinique Repairwear Lase Focus

I've never used an eye cream that made me feel a significant difference. So... I'll leave it at that. I was actually gonna purchase the full size of this but I got a Shiseido one instead cuz I wanted free shipping LOL. But I might revisit this product.

5. Innisfree Manuka Honey mask, My Beauty Diary Arbutin Whitening mask, Naruko mask


Kind of forgot about my sheet masks but pulled them out for extra hydration/whitening since the sun in Cali was pretty brutal in the summer. I enjoyed them all but none of them stood out to me. I used to really like the MBD arbutin one but I think they changed the sheet material and formula so now I'm more ambivalent.

6. Aveda Lip Saver

The last of my backup. Used to be my favorite lip balm but I'm happy with Lucas' Papaw Ointment and that one is MUCH cheaper lol.

Another mask

You guys sick of seeing this? haha

9. L'occitane Almond Shower Oil

Talked about it here:

It's nice if you want to pamper yourself... but I can do without it =D

10. Aveda Scalp Benefit Balancing Shampoo
Of all the Aveda shampoos I've tried, this one definitely feels the most drying to the scalp (think super deep clease). I wouldn't say it's stripping, but it's not a shampoo I would use daily. I did use it daily for a week and my scalp felt fine, but I prefer using it once a week as a deep cleanse. I actually purchased a 1L bottle of this and kind of regretted it... should've just got a small bottle for weekly use.

11. St. Ives Blemish Control apricot scrub
Sorry it looks nasty. I prefer the green tea scrub. The beads in this one are a lot bigger/rougher than the green tea one. I also used this on my body because there was just no way I could get through this if I used this exclusively on my face lol. Won't repurchase. Although I thought it was quite good as a body scrub XD

12. Belif The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb
Got this free sample size from Sephora. It's pretty good-- I think a lot of ppl would like the consistency and the formula of this. Even though I really liked it, I personally don't feel any different when I used this vs. using Cetaphil moisturizing lotion lol. Not interested in purchasing the full size.

13. Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Edge Meister
Reviewed here. Pretty sure I talked about this in one of my empties. Anyway, I have a lot of these but they aren't my favorite. When it dries out as you use it, it gets very clumpy because it has SO MUCH fibers in it. And I always have to make sure to use a tweezer to pull out any of the fibers sticking out so they won't poke my eyes. Also because of the high fiber content, it does dry out faster than other mascaras.

Hope you guys enjoyed =)

<3 Frances


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