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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Burberry Sheer Luminous Fluid Foundation Review

Hi guys!

Okay!!! I'm finally starting on the reviews!!!!! (I have an enormous list of reviews I want to work on... SK-II foundation, Diorskin Nude foundation, Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation... gah!!!!! Give me some time lol).

Product Demo:

Please watch in HD!




Trench No.4

It does oxidize. So initially it would appear quite pale but don't freak out :)

Bare face. Yes laugh my friends lol. This is why I never take pictures from the front my face is so NOT symmetrical XD


I used a traditional brush in these pics.

It definitely evens out skin tone. Light coverage but I don't think it's that sheer.

After the foundation sets completely

It looks kind of matte here but it's really more semi-matte. After the foundation completely sets you'll get a bit more coverage. And I did not powder or add anything on top of the foundation in these pics.

Okay now onto my thoughts?

- I don't think it's that sheer. It's only sheer when you apply it with fingers because it thins and melts with the warmth from the fingers. Depending on where you live, I found my favorite to apply the foundation when I was in Taiwan (hot and humid) was with a traditional foundation brush. Now I'm in America, I like to use my Sigma kabuki brush.

- This foundation can give a very dewy finish if you live somewhere hot and humid. Otherwise it's more of a semi-matte.

- It's slightly sticky. A lot of times I don't feel my foundation but I am always aware of my foundation when I'm wearing this. The stickiness can be a good for dry and flakier skin cuz it helps hold the flakiness down (I like to use a traditional foundation brush to apply this foundation if my skin is flaking so I can lightly put the foundation on. Of course, I still prefer powder foundations when it comes to flaky skin, but this is one liquid foundation I found that can work with flaky skin so I thought it's worth mentioning).

- Definitely only suitable for dry skin or normal skin. I don't think combination skin will appreciate it-- I have combination skin and it breaks down on my face where it gets oily. Ick! Oily skin definitely won't appreciate it.

- I do feel like this foundation makes my face extra oily?? I'm not sure why, it's almost like this foundation is too nourishing/heavy for my skin and it's causing my face to produce even more oil. I'm saying this because my face has never gotten this oily even when I use other dewy foundations like NARS Sheer Glow or Bourjois Healthy Mix.

- I can absolutely NOT use a powder with this foundation. It cakes up with the foundation when I get oily. The foundation looks better on its own even when I get oily. 

- Strong scent. Actually smells like really strong baby powder to me?! LOL.

- I think this foundation is definitely more suitable for winter.

Other points of view in case you want more reference :P


Lisa Eldridge:


So I do regret purchasing this foundation... especially for its hefty price tag. it just doesn't work for my skin. I think the finish is good but it just doesn't sit/wear well. This will be in my future blog sales. I wish I had a chance to try out the new Velvet foundation >_< oh well.

Hope you guys found this review helpful =)

<3 Frances


  1. Whoa...your skin looks amazing! Share me your secrets :D Mine has been breaking out all summer :(
    The foundation looks great but of course that's through photos. Sad to hear such an expensive foundation didn't work out for you though! >__<;;

    1. @_@ honestly I think I'm just lucky that my skin is not prone to breakouts besides some hypersensitivity issues... I don't think I'm doing anything you aren't already doing O_O maybe cut down on dairy products cuz that tend to mess with your hormones?

      the foundation does look good but it just doesn't hold well... I care about the staying power as much as the finish X)

  2. i'm so sorry to hear that you regret purchasing this foundation! but at least now we know that it's not the right pick for you, we live and we learn. :)

    <3, Mimi
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    1. Hahaha I know... I guess one good thing is that it puts me off Burberry cosmetics (maybe?) for a bit (?! is that a good thing? XD)


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