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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Diorskin Nude Skin-Glowing Foundation Review

Hi guys!

Last week I showed my little Dior purchase, which included the new Skin-glowing foundation and the nude lipstick, so today I bring you the reviews =D By the way please refer to that post for more swatches.


So continuing on where I left off from that last post, here's the information on the packaging of the foundation:


This totally reminds me of the packaging of OTC drugs LMAO.

Did you notice that alcohol is the top third ingredient listed?! O_______O not gonna lie that freaks me out a bit.

random picture of the new brushes released.

Okay now onto the most exciting part... the actual application :D

Naked face XD macro-focusing for the win XD

Right side of my face (your left) with the Nude foundation, and bare face on the left (your right).

you can see the gorgeous natural glow it gives, and the great coverage!

I used my Sigma flat top synthetic kabuki brush to apply by the way.SAM_1592
super focused. Yep my blackheads are getting out of control. Need to attend to that soon -__-" But anyway the point is, it covers the blackheads well too!


So my thoughts on this foundation?

Initially I was IN LOVE with this foundation. It almost become my holy grail. It gives me about 4-5 hours of wear without any noticeable shine which is actually pretty darn good considering this foundation already has that glow to it! The coverage and finish were perfection-- truly a "nude" foundation.

But.... :(

I know you guys hate seeing "but's," I do too, but there's a "but" :((((

The more I wear the foundation, the more I notice that the foundation kind of settles into my pores and accentuates them

I know it's not terrible, not even that noticeable if I haven't said anything or zoomed in so closely, but it does bug me okay?  Because I haven't had any problem with noticing my pores with my other foundations, BUT I did with this foundation.

So I actually returned this foundation ='((((((((( it actually hurts returning this foundation :*(( But I feel like at $48... I cannot justify the price without the foundation being impeccable. Plus the pore problem really does bug me. I haven't noticed my pores my whole life so why should I be bothered with them now? Oh also, I found that the foundation does settle into my expression lines a bit at the end of the day. It's not terrible or that noticeable but I did notice. So that's another reason why I decided to return it. SO SAD!!!!!! I so hate to go back on what I said in my other post because it is truly a beautiful foundation, but just not perfect enough for me. And I apologize for the lack of demonstration video cuz I already returned the foundation. Plus I thought the pictures demonstrated my point much better than a video anyway.

Okay now moving on from that heartache...  I did keep the lipstick =D Well the proceedings go to charities so I see no reason not to keep it lol!

Again, for more pictures please refer to my older post.


And if anyone remembers... last year I talked about how I really liked the formula of the Giorgio Armani lipstick? Well I can tell you now that the GA lipstick has NOTHING on this Dior lipstick! XD Seriously, the texture of the GA lipstick is substantially out-performed by the Dior lipstick. This Dior lipstick truly applies like a dream, smooths out lip lines, good pigmentation, very moisturizing and creamy, and does not make my lips peel. I love! Drawback? It really doesn't last... pretty much if you take a sip of water then half of the lipstick on your lips will now end up on the cup. So it will be a high maintenance lipstick (and there isn't that much product to begin with).

Here's my naked lips.

With the lip color. Somehow applying the lip color offsets the color scheme on my camera a bit so it appears a bit yellow.


While I adore this lipstick, I can't help but wish that I have a more golden complexion :) I really think this will be the most gorgeous nude lip color if you have more tan or more gold in your complexion.

Just want to put this up again so you guys can see this lip color on Natalie Portman. Plus she looks so hot. XD

That concludes my review for my Dior products! I hope you guys enjoyed it =)

<3 Frances


  1. Ah what a shame that it didn't end up working for you! But of course it is expensive so should definitely a right choice (I think) to return. Now you can use that money to try another foundation right? :P Until you find the perfect HG hehe

    That lipstick looks amazing! I always think lipsticks are matte and dry but that doesn't look anything like what I thought. But then again...I don't ever buy lipstick :X

  2. Your skin looks gorgeous! Btw I know this was a macro shot, but maybe consider waxing upper lip? Sorry, it was just really noticeable.

    1. Thanks! And no worries, I have started threading my upper lip; but for all of my older reviews you'll just have to put up with my mustache haha XD


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