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Friday, November 9, 2012

La Mer 'The Treatment Foundation' Swatches

Hi guys!

I'm back again with another foundation post! Hope all my foundation reviews aren't boring you guys to tears yet??? What can I say I haven't really found any other products particularly interesting.... and foundation is my ongoing obsession XD although at the moment I am quite content with my foundation collection =D which is a first, shocking! I think I have 3 more base makeup related posts coming up (SK-II foundation, MUFF Mat Valvet+ foundation, and I also want to do a one on SKIN79 BB cream since I never actually showed its application on the face although I've already done a review on it?! XD)

Anyway that's a long intro. This is not really a review post but rather just swatches. Since I broke out when I was using this AND Lar Mer suncreen which I talked about here, I am not about to further test out this product (although I never ruled out if this foundation does cause me to break out or if it was purely the sunscreen). I've only wore this foundation 2 times.

It comes with a super hefty price tag at $85. This is probably the second most expensive foundation I've ever tried (aside from Cle de Peau Beaute).

It's kind of hard to describe the texture of this foundation... the feeling of this foundation on my face almost reminds me of m

Instead of swatching the foundation on the back of my hand, I decided to just swatch it on one side of my face XD Simply because I was a little shocked by how orange it looks (darn the Nordstrom lighting for being misleading). The shade I have here is "Linen."

As you can see... the coverage is ultra sheer. This is probably the sheerest foundation I've tried (Next to MAC Face and Body)

You can still kind of see the redness

Full face application. Face is darker than the rest of my body LMAO




Whole face effect

Initially I was mortified... I was like this foundation is too orange on me I can't wear this out! But interestingly enough... after a while the foundation actually lightened up O_O

This was 3 hours later. The foundation actually matches my skin now O_O what in the world??? Really not sure what happened.

Don't you guys think the foundation look lighter now?!


Two times I wore this foundation, both times I noticed the foundation looked darker initially and after a while (maybe half an hour to an hour) the foundation became lighter. I sincerely hope it's not my imagination O_O don't think it is... because both times I freaked out about it orange/dark it looked, but then after I was like wait this actually matches???? If I were to buy this foundation I'd probably go for shade lighter cuz I rather it never makes my face look orange or darker than the rest of my body.

Since I've only worn this twice, here are my limited observations...
- sheer coverage
- finish is quite natural... very skin like. Neither dewy or matte, skin-like is my best description XD
- I was weary since this is a treatment foundation, if the rich ingredients were going to cause the foundation to break down. It actually was okay! It didn't really break down. Maybe faded slightly.

That's all I have! Even if this foundation doesn't break me out I don't think I'd splurge on it because the coverage is so sheer. I prefer something that offers a bit more =P

Before I end this post I just want to ask you guys a question: Are there any specific posts you'd like me to do?? I feel like I've been dedicating too many posts to reviewing foundations (especially this last month XD). Besides foundations, the only other makeup product I'm into lately are lipsticks. Otherwise I feel like I haven't seen anything too exciting (despite all the holiday collections)... so I'm kind of short on ideas. Let me know if there's something you'd like me to talk about please ^_^ If not it's all good too I'll continue with my foundation devotion XD hahaha. Any feedback would be apprecicated <3

Have a great weekend guys!

<3 Frances

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