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Sunday, August 8, 2010

How to apply foundation when your skin is flaking

Hello everyone =)

So spring/summer is the "perfect" time for allergies, eh?

╭∩╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭∩╮ <---- this is to the stupid antibodies in the body that label allergens as foreign/harmful antigens

So I'm gonna give a little advice on how you should apply your foundation when your skin is flakey/flaking, not just from allergy, dryness, or most commonly for me, from popping my blackheads XD

Most of you would notice if you apply your foundation the normal way, it will accentuate the flakiness of your skin, in order to avoid that, it's super simple: just use very gentle, dabbing/patting motion while applying foundation. Now, I've tried using brushes/fingers/sponges, and I have to say, using SPONGES work the best.

First off, always moisturize your face well to make sure the flakey skin stay put.
Then, the reason why you want to use dabbing/patting motion is because you don't want to move the flaking skin; you want to press it down with the patting motion, so hopefully it'd stay put.
Now the reason I say sponges work the best for liquid/cream foundation/tinted moisturizers is because they can cover larger areas of skin by patting motion, giving more consistent coverage, also, because you wet the sponges before using, it also contains more moisture and is easier to work with =)

For mineralize/powder foundation?

I would moisturize my face very well, and after the products are absorbed, apply moisturizer on flakey areas for the second time, and when the moisturizer is semi-wet, use your kabuki brush to press on the foundation. DO NOT swirl. Remember you don't want to move these flakey skin, you want them to stay in place.

So that's my little tip from years of experience XD (bad habit of alwayyys popping my blackheads... come on girls we've all been there done that xD) super easy, but I've noticed how some girls have very flakey foundation on, and it's kind of avoidable, as long as the degree of flakiness is not too bad.

Another thing is, I would suggest exfoliating in the morning instead of at night, cuz at night your skin is repairing itself, and in the morning when you exfoliate, the flakey skin comes off more easily,  also you can get rid of as much of the dead skin as possible, making your makeup application even smoother than if you exfoliate at night.

So that's it =) I hope you guys find it helpful!

<3 Frances


  1. Thanks for the tip! I get very flakey skin in the spring because my allergies (they suck..no amount of medicine can stop it :O) I'll definitely try this out it's winter/spring! ^__^

  2. I do the same thing!! yes! Now I know I'm doing something right. LoL, I thought it was bad actually, but I totally agree that dabbing will help! I remember using clean and clear's toner and it gave me flaky skin. Since than, my skin is much better but i still dab it now :D
    Awesome tip by the way ;)

  3. Thank you so much! My nose has been on the fritz for a while, so I haven't been wearing any foundation because it looks so bad. :( Now I can though :D

  4. I agree with exfoliating in the morning!
    The sides of my nose get flakey in bad weather so I try mixing my foundation with moisturizer but it usually still ends up looking gross :'(


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