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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Hello dear bloggies!

So I was going through the new Popteen pictures when I noticed something odd...

If you didn't spot it as I did... here's a close-up...

Kumiko?!?!?!?!!??!?!??? ....... WHAT?!!!!????!!!

For anyone who has been following Popteen... you'd know that Kumiko hardly has any boobs at all.
I'm NOT saying this in a bad way; in fact, it is only natural, and quite frankly, it makes sense that she doesn't, given that she is soooo skinny and wayyy underweight.

So either she got boob job done, or Popteen is going wayyy too overboard with photoshop.

I find myself liking Popteen less and less these days... not because all models are starting to look extremely similar, also, it is always promoting plastic surgeries (boob job, eyelid, liposuction, you name it) and weight-loss pills in the back of the magazines when the girls in there are already so skinny... and Popteen is supposed to be for teenage girls to read for crying out loud. I adore gyaru fashion; I think it is very cute when not overdone, but I really don't like what Popteen is doing these days-- it's teaching girls to have unrealistic expectations, and do whatever to change what you have! Well I'm not really being fair-- cuz it's not just Popteen, a lot of popular magazines are doing the same thing. I remember once writing a paper on beauty perception, and how the media is always promoting "change," cuz "change" is the selling point (of course if everyone's staying the same how the hell does the whole beauty industry make money?! lol).  And let's face it, change is nature. But it's just kind of sad that we're trying to change everything about ourselves to meet some expectations. Not just girls, boys are meeting some pretty hard expectations too.

On a lighter note, I saw some styles I really like :)

Totally in love with the outfit of the girl on the left...  love the hat, top, shorts/skirt (can't really tell XD) and the belt =)

LOL you prob can tell I really dig street style... heehee. Love the vibrant colors. And I've always loved baggy jeans and the whole neutral look =) Always wanted to try this style but haven't quite found the clothes that best fit me :T

Sorry about my ranting... for those who love Kumiko, I am by no means dissing her. I was just kind of shocked O_O and I found her gigantic boobs kind of odd on her... O__o

Hope you guys are doing fantastic =)

<3 Frances


  1. I totally agree with you! i don't read pop teen, and my sister (who is literally a gyaru) does not read it too. its really fake and wrong! You like street style? read Egg! That's what I read all the time. Its more interesting and more colors!!

  2. I like gyaru style as well but I was never fond of Popteen. I really like looking at Jelly, Popsister and Ranzuki.

    & I can totally see your rocking that outfit!!

  3. i look at egg just for the girls =]

  4. @Bunny: I've never heard of Egg! But I'm on the look out for it now :D tks!

    @Chung: Tks for the list of magazines :D will def check these out next time (:

    @Ken: LOL!!


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