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Friday, September 17, 2010

Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum Review


So today's post is gonna be a review of this Dior Maximizer :)
First off let me say... this is the most expensive eye lash product I've ever bought... O_O ($28)
And also my very very first Dior product in my life XD *fireworks*

I wanted to buy this primer because I saw this, which came with my online Sephora purchase
I'm not sure if this promotion code is still valid.. it says the supply is limited. But you can still try to use it if you're interested =D "LASHPLUMP"

Anyway, I ran out of my MJ lash primer, so I was looking for a new one, and at that same time my lashes weren't doing well, at all ='( if they were in school this would be the time they'd be getting D's. They were falling off like CRAZY. Even if I went a few days without wearing makeup, my lashes still fell off like they're committing suicide in groups when I curled them. So when I saw this... primer+lash conditioner in one I went ahead to the store and bought it  (desperate measures? XD)
So I use this as a primer, but I also wear this on my lashes every night before I go to bed as a conditioner.

This might sound crazy, but the second day using it I noticed my lashes didn't fall off at all!!
*another set of fireworks*
I've been using this for about 1 month and my lashes not only have fallen off a lot less (if they do, usually only 1 lash), my lashes also have gotten a lot fuller. I definitely have more lashes than I used to. As for length... there is a very minimal increase, but it's noticeable. If you're looking for something to increase lash length, then this is not for you. 

This is what my lashes were like before Dior (also before my lashes started falling off for no reason) I know this is a bad angle, but this pic is taken from my MJ mascara review. To see my lashes then please click here

And this is my natural lashes now:
I know my lashes aren't anything close to spectacular, but compared to what they were before, I'm pretty happy =)

With Dior Primer:

After putting on MJ mascara:
If you look at the MJ review, you can see the difference.

So my review for this product:
- Volumize and lengthen pretty well as a primer. I saw some reviews saying don't put too much on or it'd clump. Personally don't have any problem with clumping.
- As a conditioner, prevents lash fall-off and increase lash volume, and length by a tiny bit
- The only thing I don't like about this maximizer is that it weighs your lashes down. So now I apply primer first, then after it's dry, I gently curl my lashes at the roots. After the primer is dry your lashes become rather stiff and hold curls then (I put this primer on first before I start putting any makeup on my face to avoid contamination).

I do like this product and I think I will go back to buy it once I'm out =) unless I got sidetracked by other primers... LOL

Hope this review is helpful for some of you :)

<3 Frances

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  1. *massive fire works*
    yay for good products! I'm glad you found something that you like and works! Now I want to try it too but $28, makes you think twice before buying it but I guess if it works...
    but you said you wear it to sleep, does it sting your eyes at all? very curious bunny here XD

    great review by the way!


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