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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Smokey Eye #7 Gold

Hello beautiful ppl!

So I think we've come to our last smokey eye in this series... XD I've done taupe/brown, purple, blue, silver, bronze, green, and my last one is gold :D Or what other colors should I work on? lol????? I'm thinking about doing some autumn looks... we'll see :P

Before I get into the tutorial, I want to mention that for any smokey eye or any looks that involve dark shadows or glittery shadows, you should do foundation and powder AFTER you do your eyes, that way the fall-outs are easier to clean. 

Items used:

1. Anastasia brow powder in Medium Ash
2. Too Faced Natural Eye Palette
3. MAC lip pencil in Naked Liner
4. Fiberwig Mascara
5. MAC dazzle glass in "Smile"
6. Stila Smudgepot gel liner in "black"
7. MAC eye shadow in "Honey Lust"
8. Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Palette
9. MAC mineralize blush in Love Joy
10. Stila Convertible Color in Marigold (for contour)
11. MAC mineralize skin finish

MAC "Honey Lust" which I broke :( this is why I never buy customizing palettes from MAC anymore. I broke two eye shadows in that palette when I dropped it *sobs*
Cocoa Puff (red brown) and Sexspresso (dark chocolate brown) from Too Faced
Of course you can use the gold from this palette... I just liked the MAC one cuz it has less yellow tone than this one. But really any gold would work :)

Now onto the tutorial:

1. I used a wet brush to apply MAC "Honey Lust" all over my lid to minimize fall outs and to intensify the look (yeah it should say "Honey Lust" instead of "Goldmine" my bad :P)

2. Apply Cocoa Puff on the outer corner. I chose a red brown because red brown really complements and goes well with gold in my opinion :) I also used a wet brush to line the lower lash line with the same red brown shadow to make the look more intense

3. Add Sexspresso to the outer corner to intensify the look. I didn't use black because I think black will be a bit too harsh next to gold. And as always, I brought Sexspresso to the outer 1/3 of lower lash line. I also added Honey Lust to the lower inner corner


4. I was going for a very glamorous look, so I went for very strong, defined eyeliner, instead of smoking/smudging it out.

5. Add mascara :D

For my lips:
1. I applied the nude pencil liner all over my lips to mute out my lip color (reason why I didn't use a nude lipstick cuz lip pencil is thinner, so my lips wouldn't feel too heavy after step 3)
2. Apply the peachy lip gloss
3. Using my finger, I dipped it into the rosy gold shadow in the Alice in Wonderland palette, and gently pat it onto my lips. The shadow will adhere and blend in to the gloss. Remember always go in with clean finger!


major color wash-out -___-||||


I really really like the effect of the gold shadow on my lips ^__^ what do you guys think? I think I'm gonna try to use this method more often

That's all, thanks again for stopping by to read my blog :) I appreciate your time ^_~

I need a new project to work on now lol! Any suggestion besides autumn looks? lol!

<3 Frances


  1. It does compliment well with your lips color and I say again, I love this one better than the last time! LOL, I love gold so this gotta be my fav! If you do an autum look I can't follow as australia is going into spring and summer! But love it girl!! Good job :D and as usual, you look gorgeous and all your camhore pics XD
    I would love to see a smokey eye with.... red. LoL, if that is even possible! Would be cool though, since its not common. But isn't red shadow kinda like.. rare??
    here I go rambling on and on again =.=

  2. Very pretty look! I like the effect the gold shadow gives your lips too! I really like this look. I have the too faced shadows so maybe I will try. =]

  3. The gold shadow looks amazing on your lips! It makes them look warm and like...tawny lol I can't describe it. And you can't stop doing smokey eyes! :( They're my favorite tutorials :D

  4. aw i always love your eye looks frances! very pretty <3

    thanks for commenting on my recent post by the way :) hmm i'm curious, do you like singing? hehe



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