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Friday, October 1, 2010

Beauty Blender Review

Hi guys =)

How's everyone doing? Enjoying fall? (or Spring on the other end of the world? :D )
So today's gonna be a review... and it's gonna be on these beauty blenders :)
I first became interested in beauty blenders in Catalina's videos, and here's her review:

TiffanyD also has a review:

So I think both of them introduced these things pretty well.

Now one beauty blender is like 20 bucks, which is wayy expensive for a sponge in my opinion (but there are dupes by Sonia Kashuk). But I decided to invest in one because I want to stop buying those wedged sponges that you dispose after each use to save the environment. And actually for beautyblenders, they provide an address for you to mail/recycle if your beautyblender is ready to retire =) which I think is great.
- I do love using them (haven't touched my foundation brush for like a month...*guilty*) because they make blending foundation EFFORTLESS, for reasons stated in the vids... the sponges have no edges.
- It gives dewy and air-brushed finish.
-The sponge is capable of building up coverage.  
- One thing I love about beautyblender is you can actually use the clean "sides" to stiple away some of the foundation if you feel like you apply too much. Also if you overdo your blush you can also use this to blend it away =) awesomeeeee. 
- However I wouldn't use this foundation to apply concealer-- I tried, but the sponge eats up so much product, which kind of defeats the purpose of using the concealer....

The only thing I don't like about this product is it eats up so much product (like Catalina said, you need twice amount than you normally need). And about the bleeding problem-- it did bleed pink when I first got it, but I washed it very well with soap, and after about third use it stopped bleeding for good (it looks like Catalina had used hers for a long time I'm not sure why hers was still bleeding?)

Another downside of this product is at Sephora, you can only order it from online. Or you can purchase it from http://www.beautyblender.net/, which sucks cuz you will have to pay for shipping (the cheapest shipping is $8.32 for this website) (There's also a list of retailers listed on beautyblender.net)

The left one is a new beautyblender. The right one I've been using for about a month, you can see the color has faded.

I don't use the beauty blender cleanser to clean the beautyblender; I also do not use any makeup brush cleanser to clean my brushes. I actually use Dove white 1/4 moisturizing cream beauty bar to clean all my makeup brushes and my beautyblender and it works fantastic.
I've been using Dove beauty bar to wash my brushes for years, and my brushes are still in excellent condition. I have tried other soap before, but nothing works as good as this one. Because it's a facial soap, it is pretty mild/not harsh, and also the moisturizing cream in the soap doesn't dry my brushes out like other body soap. So I recommend it to anyone who's looking to save some money on cleaning your brushes :D (or Michelle Phan has a cheap way to clean brushes too if you want to check out her vid though I've never tried it XD)

I also want to mention that I tried first applying foundation with brush/fingers then stiple with beautyblenders to see if it can create the same effect... nope lol! it does make foundation look smoother but it doesn't give out the same dewy effect. lol sigh... 

I think that's all I want to say about the beautyblenders :) 

 Thanks for reading and I hope some of you find it helpful :)

<3 Frances


  1. nice review frances! i've been really curious about these beauty blenders ^^

  2. it looks really cute! But waaay out of my current price range..
    I washed my brushes with soap bar too..shokubutsu..Or Johnson's baby wash..

  3. Dove, huh? Nice tip :) I'm currently using Sephora's brush cleaner. I have heard so much about these sponges! I use tinted moisturizer so don't know if it'll work for it?

    P.S It helps with facial bloating? Niiice!

  4. I've never heard of those but they're adorable! :D And I've never heard anyone use Dove soap on their brushes, but it's probably better than my routine (warm water lol)

  5. I love, love, love the Beauty Blender!! Agree that it soaks up liquid foundie like no tomorrow but it gives the most natural and dewy coverage <3

    I haven't been using mine lately since I've stopped using liquid and I'm using mineral... but if I wanted more coverage I'd definitely reach for my liquid and of course the beauty blender!!

    Thanks for the tip for using Dove beauty bar! I'm going to try and see if we have it here in Canada to try. I just use my cleansing oil on my brushes. Then I double cleanse with my Skinfood face cleanser. I wash my brushes as if they were my face, lol!

    Great review as always!

  6. wow for $20. hmm im sure there are plenty of alternatives out there =P it's awesome to know about it though! thanks!


  7. Dove, huh? Nice tip :) I'm currently using Sephora's brush cleaner. I have heard so much about these sponges! I use tinted moisturizer so don't know if it'll work for it?

    P.S It helps with facial bloating? Niiice!

  8. I use this castile soap I bought from this lady who makes natural soaps. Castile soap gets my brushes the cleanest yet it seems moisturizing as well.


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