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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Channels I've been enjoying =)

Hello hello guys!

Just a super quick post to share with you guys a couple of channels I've been enjoying lately =)

1. RAEview
***image credit goes to http://pixelshaker.com/blog/?p=1008***
Rae's channel is dedicated to designer's cosmetics. Of course I cannot afford all the stuff she has, but I still enjoy watching her reviews and stuff, so I know that's out there =) Her reviews are pretty detailed, and she is very picky which I like =P Also anything I LOVE about Rae is that she actually replies to your questions and comments... (I guess other gurus are just mega stars so they never have the time to reply...) I'm trying out a few products she recommends, and I'm very excited =)
youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/RAEview
blog: http://raeviewonline.blogspot.com/

example video:

I'd say the only "downside" of her channel is that it really tempts you to go out and buy all the stuff she uses XD so far I'm very good and haven't given in to anything I don't need XD So I hope you guys check out her channel =)

2. MissChievous
 ***image taken from her fb***
I have subscribed to Julia's channel for a very long time but I never particularly enjoy it until now??? I don't know why lol but yeah she's a professional artist, and one unique thing about her is she actually does a lot of more of the emo/goth looks, which I do enjoy although I never try XD
youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/MissChievous
blog: http://www.misschievous.tv/

Example videos:

If you're interested in seeing who other makeup gurus I like, please click here for my other post :)

That's it for now! Hope you guys are doing fabulous!! =D
I bought a bunch of things this month... maybe I will do a haul post, or just do individual reviews later on? lol

Talk to you guys soon

<3 Frances


  1. wow! raeview is addicting !! it's my first video that i've seen of her. thanks for sharing !!

  2. I want raeview too! I love her reviews. She is very articulate. I need to check out misschievous.

  3. Is it only me who does not enjoy watching youtube channels? Maybe I'm weird but I enjoy more reading blogs than youtube videos :)

  4. Thanks for sharing! They are so pretty. =D Going to check them out.

  5. thanks for sharing this, I'm always up to see new make up looks etc! hope you have a great weekend

  6. I'm going to check out Raeview later but I have to say I love Mischievous! I love how she is so thorough and easy to understand!

    Aww, that sucks! I guess their polishes can be hit or miss too like most products... This is actually my first China Glaze -anything-... and decided to just get a top coat.

    Oh wow, can't believe that happened with your Orly! I was about to pick up an Orly at Sally Beauty since Nouveau Cheap raves about the Orly Bonder base coat.

    I *think* it's like Blogger where you can read all the blogs you've subscribed to in a reading list. I think people who use Bloglovin don't necessarily have their own blog. I've noticed a lot of people who subscribe to Blogger blogs through a Blogger account often have their own blog. I think for Bloglovin, most people use it for only reading. Hope that doesn't sound too confusing ^^;;!!

  7. I think Rae is very pretty!I haven't watched her reviews though:(My favourite gurus are Bubzbeauty, Michelle Phan and maybe MakeupGeek.There are many that I like.People haven't said I look like BritneyXD I want to look like her:p ah I think you can find loads of stuff your size in Japan, I am 175cm(maybe that's 5'8 in American system)and I can find clothes that fit me well easily:p


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