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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Hey bloggies!

Sorry for the lack of posts/comments, AGAIN O__________O

Okay I have a legitimate reason XD

PCAT is coming up!! So I've been studying.
(If you're wondering what PCAT is... it's Pharmacy College Admission Test)
Not at all ready O_O started studying far too late (>_< BAD!!!) so I'm already planning to retake it. But still gonna give my best though.

And as for now I have unpacked all my boxes/suitcases and still haven't found my camera... so I'm buying a new one after PCAT is over. So I've decided might as well save my posts for my new camera :D

Until then, I hope everyone stay well ^__^

<3 Frances

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Collective Haul/Review

Hello hello =)

How's everybody doing?! Hope everyone's enjoying the holidays before school starts again! (for some of you hehe).

So today's post is gonna be a collective haul/review on some products I purchased over this month... mostly from drugstore.


LOL. I was just out of shower and letting my hair dry and just decided I wanted to do this post... too lazy to wait till another time. So... excuse my naked face! =P

1. St. Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Scrub

After hearing many wonderful things abt St. Ives facial scrubs I decided to give it a go =)
And I really do like this stuff =) it has the weirdest consistency/formula ever... I don't think I've ever used a scrub like this. It is very gentle, yet grainy enough to make a difference. Some exfoliaters are either too gentle that you can hardly feel anything, or with beads that are too rough that you have to use very light pressure. But this scrub is great =) Another thing I really like about this exfoliater is that the grains are very consistent/saturated throughout, unlike most exfoliaters have somewhat sparsed beads (I guess it depends on the exfoliater-- cuz this exfoliater is gentle enough to afford to have that many grains). Also, this is more like a exfoliating cleanser cuz it foams and leaves your face feeling very clean =) def. recommend it! Plus it smells so good! I like look forward to exfoliating now heehee.

ps. this thing contains salicylic acid... good for acne!

2. Organix nourishing coconut mile shampoo/conditioner

I was attracted to it b/c it states its products are organic... big disappointment to me. The shampoo really dries out my hair, and the conditioner is nowhere near moisturizing enough! My hair became horrible in the last week that I was using it. Stay away from this!

3. Aussie 3 minute miracle in "sydney smooth" and "moist"
The blue one (which smells like coconut :D) was the one I was using before I switched to Organix. I LOOOVE this stuff! It does miracle to my hair... like seriously. I only decided to use something new b/c I didn't want my hair to grow dependent on this product... but after using Organix I had returned to use this to save my hair LOL. I always thought Aussie's stuff is just decent, not particulalry outstanding but these.... are just freaking AMAZING. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Now the only thing is... I HATE the scent of the "sydney smooth", =___= it reminds me of cough syrup/pesticide -____- (those pesticide spray cans we used to have at home... NOT appealing at all). The "moist" one on the other hand smells amazing =) I am alternating between the two (:  My favorite conditioner ever! (beats even some of the salon brands I've tried...). When I use it I soak my hair very thoroughly in it and wait for 3 min (well of course I didn't time it but I'd wash my body my face exfoliate blah blah blah), so I run through these babies like crazyy!!

4. CHI Keratin Mist
So I got this at Nordstrom Rack for around 10 bucks and used it for a few days and could feel absolutely no difference in my hair... I returned it lol. When you first put it in your hair it does feel softer, but that's only because your hair is wet/moisturized lol it doesn't do anything beyond that (not that I could tell anyway...)

5. Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer for combination skin.
This product claims to moisturize dry areas while controling the oily areas of your skin, but I can't feel a difference lol. my oily nose remains super oily lol. I don't really believe it when a products claims to do two opposite things in one... lol.

But I don't mind it I guess?? Like I'm not crazy about it but I don't dislike it so I guess it's okay. But I've been mixing it with my Shiseido moisturizer and it works pretty good (:
6. L'Oreal Go 365 Clean Deep Exfoliating Scrub
I have heard many good reviews about this exfoliater so I wanted to give it a try =) I wanted to get it in the pink bottle but everywhere I went they were out of stock =( nevertheless I still really enjoy this scent :P (apricot)

This exfoliater is also like St. Ives more like a exfoliating cleaner cuz it foams as well :)
I actually prefer St. Ives scrub. I find the beads in this L'Oreal scrub a bit harsh/rough for my skin, and that is only using my fingers. The rubber thingy is soft but combined with the scrub, it's just too much for my skin. I had to use very very gentle pressure with this scrub. I like it, but not as much as the St. Ives, and between the two I'd recommend St. Ives =)

So that's all! From all the products I talked about... I definitely recommend the Aussie 3 min deep conditioner and St. Ives scrub =)

Thanks for reading <3

PS: I have to say the webcam didn't do my dark circles justice XDD

<3 Frances

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Hello dear bloggies!

So I was going through the new Popteen pictures when I noticed something odd...

If you didn't spot it as I did... here's a close-up...

Kumiko?!?!?!?!!??!?!??? ....... WHAT?!!!!????!!!

For anyone who has been following Popteen... you'd know that Kumiko hardly has any boobs at all.
I'm NOT saying this in a bad way; in fact, it is only natural, and quite frankly, it makes sense that she doesn't, given that she is soooo skinny and wayyy underweight.

So either she got boob job done, or Popteen is going wayyy too overboard with photoshop.

I find myself liking Popteen less and less these days... not because all models are starting to look extremely similar, also, it is always promoting plastic surgeries (boob job, eyelid, liposuction, you name it) and weight-loss pills in the back of the magazines when the girls in there are already so skinny... and Popteen is supposed to be for teenage girls to read for crying out loud. I adore gyaru fashion; I think it is very cute when not overdone, but I really don't like what Popteen is doing these days-- it's teaching girls to have unrealistic expectations, and do whatever to change what you have! Well I'm not really being fair-- cuz it's not just Popteen, a lot of popular magazines are doing the same thing. I remember once writing a paper on beauty perception, and how the media is always promoting "change," cuz "change" is the selling point (of course if everyone's staying the same how the hell does the whole beauty industry make money?! lol).  And let's face it, change is nature. But it's just kind of sad that we're trying to change everything about ourselves to meet some expectations. Not just girls, boys are meeting some pretty hard expectations too.

On a lighter note, I saw some styles I really like :)

Totally in love with the outfit of the girl on the left...  love the hat, top, shorts/skirt (can't really tell XD) and the belt =)

LOL you prob can tell I really dig street style... heehee. Love the vibrant colors. And I've always loved baggy jeans and the whole neutral look =) Always wanted to try this style but haven't quite found the clothes that best fit me :T

Sorry about my ranting... for those who love Kumiko, I am by no means dissing her. I was just kind of shocked O_O and I found her gigantic boobs kind of odd on her... O__o

Hope you guys are doing fantastic =)

<3 Frances

Monday, August 9, 2010

Suspender pants LOL!

Hello everyone ^__^

So one of the best things about moving is that you discover some stuff that you don't remember owning...  me, for example, these suspender pants XD

I got these years ago when they were still in style but never really wore them out XD cuz even now for me it's kind of an awkward style... but anyways, I was going through boxes and I found them so I figured I would give them a chance to see the sun ligjt! haha.

LOL yes since I don't have my cam I had to take pics with my shitty-quality webcam... and yes I had to use the facebook webcam cuz I have no idea where I can start my webcam on my computer... and yes that's a trash bag on the floor LOL. still trying to get rid of stuff after I moved.

I look dumb in these pics... cuz the webcam count down was fast!

I paired the suspender with an off-shoulder T-shirt that I cut myself, just to give it a little bit more of an edginess.

Since the suspender is kind of plain, I decided to dress it up with some accessories. Was gonna wear my DSK necklaces but then I saw these earrings that I haven't worn in a LONG time

Teddy bear earrings from Betsy  Johnson... Sorry couldn't get a better quality pic =(

LOL it's kind of weird to wear the suspender out... cuz it made me feel like a kid, plus it is very out of style not only in Asia, but I don't think it's ever in style in US... hahaha. oh well.

It's been 3 months since I got my haircut/haircolor done and my layers are already long and my roots are super obvious =(( I want to get a haircut again bad. lol. and hair color. but my hair is sooooo damaged I'm gonna force myself to wait for at least another 2 months?! I HOPE! lol!

That's it =) haha god knows when's the next time I'm wearing these suspenders out again... hahah.

Hope you guys have a fabulous day!

<3 Frances

Sunday, August 8, 2010

How to apply foundation when your skin is flaking

Hello everyone =)

So spring/summer is the "perfect" time for allergies, eh?

╭∩╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭∩╮ <---- this is to the stupid antibodies in the body that label allergens as foreign/harmful antigens

So I'm gonna give a little advice on how you should apply your foundation when your skin is flakey/flaking, not just from allergy, dryness, or most commonly for me, from popping my blackheads XD

Most of you would notice if you apply your foundation the normal way, it will accentuate the flakiness of your skin, in order to avoid that, it's super simple: just use very gentle, dabbing/patting motion while applying foundation. Now, I've tried using brushes/fingers/sponges, and I have to say, using SPONGES work the best.

First off, always moisturize your face well to make sure the flakey skin stay put.
Then, the reason why you want to use dabbing/patting motion is because you don't want to move the flaking skin; you want to press it down with the patting motion, so hopefully it'd stay put.
Now the reason I say sponges work the best for liquid/cream foundation/tinted moisturizers is because they can cover larger areas of skin by patting motion, giving more consistent coverage, also, because you wet the sponges before using, it also contains more moisture and is easier to work with =)

For mineralize/powder foundation?

I would moisturize my face very well, and after the products are absorbed, apply moisturizer on flakey areas for the second time, and when the moisturizer is semi-wet, use your kabuki brush to press on the foundation. DO NOT swirl. Remember you don't want to move these flakey skin, you want them to stay in place.

So that's my little tip from years of experience XD (bad habit of alwayyys popping my blackheads... come on girls we've all been there done that xD) super easy, but I've noticed how some girls have very flakey foundation on, and it's kind of avoidable, as long as the degree of flakiness is not too bad.

Another thing is, I would suggest exfoliating in the morning instead of at night, cuz at night your skin is repairing itself, and in the morning when you exfoliate, the flakey skin comes off more easily,  also you can get rid of as much of the dead skin as possible, making your makeup application even smoother than if you exfoliate at night.

So that's it =) I hope you guys find it helpful!

<3 Frances

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hello hello~~!!

Greetings everyone =D

So I finally finished moving out (cleaning out the old apt suckkkked... my hands still smell like clorox! ... and my hands feel so rough now... I was joking with my friends how I got a chemical peel from cleaning... lol!

Anyway, I'm still settling into my new apartment. I moved from the college town in north Colorado to south, because after graduating there's really no reason to stay there since it is quite expensive there. And this time I'm living by myself =) This is my first time totally living by myself and frankly... I am SO loving it!  It's also really nice to not have my desk next to my bed in the same room cuz my bed is always so inviting and always lures me from studying at my desk to falling asleep XD hahaha.

I still haven't found my camera ='( Actually at this point I'm pretty sure I've lost it. To be honest with you guys, I think it's "taken" from me by my landlord. I know it sounds utterly impossible, and HORRIBLE that I'm blaming on someone else stealing my camera bcuz I couldn't find it. Well the truth is, the last time I used my camera I was uploading pictures. So I left it on my desk. Two days later my landlord came in for inspection to give us the estimated cleaning fee (I wasn't home then cuz I was apt hunting). The next day I needed to use my camera for a tutorial and my camera was gone, and I didn't use it at all since I left it on my desk. So I don't know. Of course I'm not gonna go up to my landlord and tell her that I suspected that she stole my camera, cuz of course no one's gonna admit it, and if she didn't do it, then I'd be wrongly accusing her. But after searching every corner in the old apt and during the whole process of boxing and packing and moving, I still didn't find it. That's why I was forced to come to this horrible conclusion =T Anyways sorry that was long, but I do miss blogging, so I think I might have to invest in a new camera soon. Sighhhhhhhhh. I really really really hope that I'm wrong and that my camera would somehow turn up miraculously.

Anyways, since I'm more settled now, I figured it's time to start blogging again =)

Some upcoming posts I'm thinking about doing...

1. How to apply foundation when your skin is flaking
2. Shu Uemura red: juvenus eye cream review
3. Urban Decay NAKED eye shadow palette review (not sure how I'm gonna do it cuz I can't show swatches since I don't have a camera)
4. Lancome TEINT IDOLE FRESH WEAR foundation review
5. Maybelline Volume Express Cat Eyes Mascara review (I believe only available in Asian countries).

Oh, also, I am SUPER EXCITED cuz a few days ago when I checked Michelle Phan's makeup line (IQQU) just to see what the newest product is, I saw that all the prices are hugely reduced!!!!!! (okay this might have happened for a while but I just noticed lol)
I've always wanted to try her products but never did cuz I thought they're a bit over-priced... but I remember the angle eyeliner brush started out being $19, and a while later $14 (at that point I was like ehh... that's more reasonable... maybeee) but now it's only $8! And her advanced sunscreen went from $28 to $19.99, and kabuki brush from $34 to 19.99! Now I feel the prices are reasonable enough for me to try it. I ordered some products a couple days ago and I'm super excited to try them out =D once I receive them I will be reviewing them too.

So that's about it for now... sorry sorry sorry that I haven't been posting =( I really want to do more smokey eyes... but I just don't have my camera T___T so no tutorials for a while... AGHHH!!! goddammit. Is there anything else you guys would like to see me post about? I have accumulated a good amount of tag articles too so maybe I will be working on them too XD (if I remember where to find them that is...)

I hope everyone is doing well =) And tks for stopping by and reading my longgggg post! lol
Talk to you guys again reaaal soon!

<3 Frances