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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lol MissChievous did a spider look too!

Lol I have to share this with you guys cuz I did a spider girl look a little while back :P Her look is waayyy legit =DD I love it!

Sorry for the lack of posts >_< Been insanely busy with applications and stuff... but I will be back blogging next week =D

Stay well everyone!

<3 Frances

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Channels I've been enjoying =)

Hello hello guys!

Just a super quick post to share with you guys a couple of channels I've been enjoying lately =)

1. RAEview
***image credit goes to http://pixelshaker.com/blog/?p=1008***
Rae's channel is dedicated to designer's cosmetics. Of course I cannot afford all the stuff she has, but I still enjoy watching her reviews and stuff, so I know that's out there =) Her reviews are pretty detailed, and she is very picky which I like =P Also anything I LOVE about Rae is that she actually replies to your questions and comments... (I guess other gurus are just mega stars so they never have the time to reply...) I'm trying out a few products she recommends, and I'm very excited =)
youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/RAEview
blog: http://raeviewonline.blogspot.com/

example video:

I'd say the only "downside" of her channel is that it really tempts you to go out and buy all the stuff she uses XD so far I'm very good and haven't given in to anything I don't need XD So I hope you guys check out her channel =)

2. MissChievous
 ***image taken from her fb***
I have subscribed to Julia's channel for a very long time but I never particularly enjoy it until now??? I don't know why lol but yeah she's a professional artist, and one unique thing about her is she actually does a lot of more of the emo/goth looks, which I do enjoy although I never try XD
youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/MissChievous
blog: http://www.misschievous.tv/

Example videos:

If you're interested in seeing who other makeup gurus I like, please click here for my other post :)

That's it for now! Hope you guys are doing fabulous!! =D
I bought a bunch of things this month... maybe I will do a haul post, or just do individual reviews later on? lol

Talk to you guys soon

<3 Frances

Monday, October 18, 2010

LOL it's time for a new header =P

Ah, this new one is nowhere as sleek as the old one!
(well you can't really call the old one sleek either I guess...)

I thought it looks kind of dumb actually XD but that's the best I can do... I am NO good at photoshop and it took forever for me to even combine these two pics and add the words =_= ahhh I always envy those ppl who do all these cool drawings and stuff on their photos!

I'm kind of in a state of post-exam laziness XD (aka no wearing makeup XD) so excuse the lack of posts... =P but I'm still testing out the iQQU travel set brushes so no worries I'm still working as lazy as I am XD

Hope you guys are doing well, and stay warm =)  (or for those on the other end of the world, enjoy spring =D)

The central heat at my apartment needs to be on SOON or I will be a living walking human icicle...  >口<

<3 Frances

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Blog sale???

Hey guys!

I'm backkkk =D Just finished my second round of PCAT lol! Now I just have to work on applications. 
Heehee I'm gonna celebrate my freedom with some shopping sometime next week XD

Anywayyy I saw some ppl doing blog sales... and I was like, ooh, I should do that! Why let my good products just sit there and wait to expire when someone might want to claim them?! =D

If you are interested, please e-mail me at theprettibrowneyes@gmail.com. I accept Paypal only and once I receive your e-mail, I will contact you through PayPal =) Please read carefully and research the reviews on your own before you decide to buy, and contact me with any questions! So thanks for anyone who might be interested! =)

*** All items are authentic, promise! =) there is absolutely nothing wrong with each product, I'm just selling them because I don't find myself using them at all.
*** Shipping prices listed are for US shipping. For international shipping, I will ask for $3 or 4 depending on the weight of the product =)
*** Items will NOT come with original packaging! I threw the boxes away already =(
*** First come first serve!
*** No returns/refunds please! So please think carefully, and ask questions first!

1.  MAC PREP+PRIME Face Protect SPF50
****No longer available ****

****No longer available ****
Retails for: $30
I ask for: $15
Shipping: $2.00
Condition: Used once
Description: Got it for my birthday >< but I just don't use face primers...

3. MAC #40 False Lashes *** SOLD***
*** SOLD*** Thank you!! You know who you are =D
Condition: Taken out of the box intending to use them, but never did.
Description: I know #40 lashes aren't listed on MAC website, but I bought it from MAC store, promise! =) You just need to ask for them. I already have a pair no idea why I bought a second pair. These are bottom lashes by the way =)

4. iQQU Jasmine Rice Scrub
****No longer available ****

****No longer available ****

Retails for: $15
I ask for:  $10
Shipping: $2.00
Condition: Used twice. Might have touched the product with my finger.
Description: You can see I hardly used any at all XD cuz I started from using the product stuck to the plastic lid and just never got to the actual product.

5. MAC Eye Khol in Smolder
****SOLD****  Thank you!
Retails for: $14.50
I ask for: $8.50
Shipping: $1.00
Condition: Literally used 3 times... -___-
Description: Bought it cuz Kandee Johnson always uses this... but didn't really work for me =( I will sanitize it before I ship it out.

6. Stila Look 1 Palette ****SOLD****
****SOLD**** Thank you =D 
Retail for: ??? Limited edition... can't remember how much I paid
I ask for: $7
Shipping: $1.50
Condition: Used a few times. All shadows have been used.
Description: comes with 3 eye shadows and 1 cheek color.

7. Glamour To Go 2 Pocket Palette
**** SOLD**** 
Close-up on the lip color I used. I dipped my finger in it.
****SOLD**** Thank you!! :) 
Retails for: $19.50
I ask for: $10
Shipping: $1.50
Condition: Used once.
Description: three eye shadows, one lip color have been used. can't remember if I've ever used the blush cuz I can't really tell. But as you can see I barely touched anything in this set besides that one lip color.

So thanks guys for checking this blog sale out =) Even if I don't end up selling any at least I know I tried to find them a better home XD

<3 Frances

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Quick update on iQQU

 Hello hello!

So I'm sure a lot of you have read my review on my iQQU products review and how my white blush brush had fallen apart. I just want to post a quick update regarding my brush issue =)

A while back shortly after I posted my review on iQQU, I received an e-mail from iQQU director, Craig:
"Dear Frances,

My name is Craig, I am a director at iQQU International and I have recently read your review in regards to our products.

First of all Frances, I would like to express our sincere appreciation for your support for iQQU.  Secondly, I am very concerned that you have received our white blush brush which the handle had fall off.  Frances, we sincerely apologize for defect of our brush.  We have instructed our QC department and to ensure that this will never happen again.  We have no excuses on our part except that we are not perfect, but we will do our very best to ensure that we will produce quality products.

Frances, I would like to send you a new iQQU Blush Brush.  It"s not right that you had to glue the handle back on.  We hope you accept our gesture.  In the meantime, we hope that you will continue to support iQQU and should any of our products do not meet our expectations, please do let us know.

Again, thank you for taking for your support and especially to take the time to review our products.

With best regards,

Craig Chau
iQQU International"
Although I was sure if I contacted Michelle regarding the defected brush she would do something about it, I didn't because I was able to glue the handle back on, and after that the brush has been  in working order, so I didn't really feel the need to contact her (to be honest it didn't really bother me... I don't know why lol!) But anyways I was pleasantly surprised when I got this e-mail from iQQU.

So I'd been expecting to receive a new blush brush. And today I received a package from iQQU. I remember walking back to my apartment thinking to myself... why is it so heavy? It's just a blush brush?
I'll tell you why it's heavier than I expected =)

Dah la la... ohhh the package!

The blush brush... and ...............................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For real!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!
(In my excitement and haste I totally ripped the wrapping XD totally tried to put the set back to take the pic ahahahahhaha)
The new blush brush... I can totally tell this handle is a lot sturdier than my last one haha

The kind note from Craig =)

And the generous gift >_< the travel brush set!

I'm not gonna go into detail... cuz I will be testing it out and do an individual review =)
I'm so psyched to try it out!!! =D =D =D

So 5 stars for iQQU's excellent and proactive customer service!! I'm still astonished that they actually send me this gift set.

I noticed that I'm not the only person who had a problem with the white blush brush falling apart. If that happened to you, you shouldn't hesitate to contact iQQU, cuz they will take care of you =) (I'm not saying everyone who complained should expect a gift coming their way lol I'm already happy by the fact they took the initiative to contact me)

Talk to you guys soooooon

<3 Frances

Monday, October 11, 2010

Spider Girllllllllllllll....!!!

Hello =D

Since I'm busy at the moment I decided to just make a video... please be nice to me :P Excuse my stammering -____-||||||| and don't mind my voice... I know it's annoying I can't even stand hearing myself in the vid haha =_=

I did take pics for step by step tutorial but I won't have time to edit it until after the 16th. If anyone wants to see it at all that is lol or I will just skip it all together (laziness!!! XD)

I know I'm a COMPLETE amateur when it comes to this kind of makeup!! Believe me this is my first time ever doing anything like this... I had so much fun doing it though =) Hope you guys likeyyyy

 My concept sketch lol...  as you can see not everything went according to plan
Closer look at these earrings

Pics =D

hahaha punk spider girl eh?! wth.... LOL
The glitter/crystals are super glittery and sparkly in person... the vid/pics did not do it justice whatsoev




Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Autumn Look

Hey peeps!

Can you believe it's October already?! ............!!!!!!!!!!!!! (my ongoing shock XD)
It's gonna be a crazy month for me... hopefully I will make it to November in one piece XD
Does anyone know what they're going to be for Halloween? =) Seen so many awesome tutorials on youtube already!

Anyway here's the much belated autumn look... inspired by beautiful autumn... when I think about autumn I think about maple trees, hence the colors yellow, gold, orange and brown =) (and red but I don't have red so XD)
Can't really see the colors? XD yeah the colors were mega washed out... I was forced to use flash lights actually lol

Items used:
1. Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush lip gloss in "Carriberry"
2. MAC Slimshine Lipstick in "Funshine"
3. Fiberwig mascara
4. Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in "Espresso Ink"
5. Anastasia brow powder in "Medium Ash"
6. Stila Convertible Color/Bronzing Duo in "Marigold"
7. MAC "Fleur Power" powder blush
8. "Half Baked" eye shadow from Urban Decay NAKED Palette
9. "Mad Hatter" eye shadow from Urban Decay Alice In Wonderland Palette
10. MAC orange eye shadow in "Rule"

Close-up on eye shadows:
Half Baked- just a gold eye shadow with more yellow tone
Rule- matte orange shadow :D
mad hatter- just a warm brown :)

1. Apply Half Baked all over lid. I chose gold instead of yellow cuz imagine sun light shining through the yellow leaves... hehe
2. Apply the orange shadow on the outer half of your lid (I kind of start to wonder... what happened to red leaves then?!?!?! O_o?? oops...)
3. No this time we're not applying the brown shadow on the outer corner lol! This time place the brown shadow along the upper lash line. Cuz tree trunks are under the yellow/orange leaves XD
4. Bring the brown shadow to lower lash line
5. Since I'm going for a softer look, I just extend the eye liner without flicking it upward. And I smudged it out really well with the brown shadow so it blends
Then I used a kabuki brush to brush off the fall-outs, and apply foundation, blush, lipstick and gloss =D

Completed look:




My camera REFUSES to pick up the color!!!! UGHHHHHH. So I had to turn on the flash light... you can definitely see the orange in person, promise. It's not obvious, but it's there =)


See the orange isn't intimidating at all ^__^

I really like this look cuz it's very warm and very autumn :)
And I hope you guys like it too :)

<3 Frances