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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Makeup for Beginners

Hello everyone!

Sorry for haven't been posting for so long! (Not that anyone's waiting for me or anything XD) But thanks for some lovely bloggers who cared about my absence ^_^ Just been busy. I do want to crank out a few more posts before I go on my MIA. So here's a tutorial I had been planning for a while!

These are just my suggestions on getting started with makeup. For beginners, I am assuming no experience, and have no tools whatsoever. So I tried to make the tutorial with minimal tools or with tools that are easy to access and cheap (not necessarily products themselves are cheap-- I just stuck with products that have worked for me). Obviously if you're not a newbie feel free to skip. If you're a newbie, feel free to skip too if you're not interested in m opinion ╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭Made this especially for a friend =D

Please watch in HD!

Hope some of you found it helpful! My first voice-over tutorial XD cuz I can never shut up and I want to make sure this video is short. And yes, I know I sounded like I was reading off a script. It's because I WAS XD I freaking wrote a scrip for this video XDXDXD 
Sorry there are some odd editing going on... I'm definitely a noob when it comes to video-editing XD TOOK ME FOREVER to condense the vid!

And thank you to the ppl who subscribed to me on Youtube! I'm honestly ASTONISHED that ppl would even want to stay tuned to my videos O_O All my other videos are unlisted except for this one. Wasn't really planning to go public with my videos (cuz I'm honestly scared of Youtube =_=) but since this one doesn't contain any copy-righted material, why not XD so you subscribers can see this video in your subscription box XD wow that's so weird. lol. Okay gonna stop now.

Have a great weekend guys ^_^

<3 Frances

Friday, July 29, 2011

And the winners are...

Hey guys!

Yes I'm still alive XD

I am SO sorry for choosing/ announcing the winners this late! Have been busy >_<

Just filmed it with my webcam cuz it's just a quick announcement =P And sorry for the noise from my microphone and the loud breaths =_= LOL By the way there were 8 ppl who entered =D

Congratulations again to all the winners ^________________________^

Contacting you guys through e-mail right now. =D

<3 Frances

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My cheap way to store makeup brushes!

Hello guys ^_^

Hohoho today I finally have time to sit down in front of my computer and just browse =DD and read blogs and stuff. It was storming earlier and that strangely put me in a really good mood XD hahaha. Okay I'm just rambling, gonna shut up and go read/comment on blogs =D

LOL at my thumbnail face!

Hope you guys like it ^_^

<3 Frances

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Straight bangs transformation-- Straight bangs for round face!

Hello hello beautifuls!

OMG. GUESS WHAT. After careful consideration XD I decided to cut my bangs. HAHAHA omg. I know I said I didn't want bangs anymore, but being bang-less is just not a good look for me (hair looks really flat). And since I don't really want to spend money at the salon yet (although I really want a haircut cuz my layers have grown out!) I decided to give myself a little makeover ^_^ (that ought to put off my salon trip for a little while XD)

So yeah... straight bangs. They look good in photography, but straight bangs really isn't the best style for me considering my body proportions and height. Since straight bangs do take some height off me (basically the illusion of more height provided by the forehead) and I look really short and stout with straight bangs XD oh well. It will grow out soon enough so I'm not worried.

In my video I'm gonna explain how I cut my straight bangs, catered especially for girls like me who have round face, and who are terrified of getting straight bangs because they might make your face look rounder. This is completely avoidable, if you follow some basic rules ^_^ ONE basic rule, actually.

I did write a post about getting straight bangs a very long time ago. Same principle applies. If you're curious, read it here. But I figured it's more clear to see how it's done.

Before I cut my bangs, I was so sick of my heavy, over-long bangs hanging around my face like a freaking curtain, that I kept wearing it up

LOL Boba

My hair is finally long enough that I could put it up in a bun thing

Okay now enough of rambling, let's get on with the video!

Sorry I kept playing the same music over and over again XD I was too lazy to pick a new song and at the same time I thought all the silence in the video is kind of boring XD And yes you guys had no idea I was really nervous whilst making this film... I never cut my hair in front of anybody, ESPECIALLY under time pressure for the length of the video >_< hahah.

And remember, you can always go back to trim/fix it after ^_^ I did snip off more stray hairs the next day (cut it two days ago).

Hope some of you find it helpful!

<3 Frances

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Some looks I did in 2010

Hello everyone ^_^

So as I was trying to organize my pictures what-not... I decided to do a little compilation of looks I did from 2010 :D There aren't that many. And the sad thing is I don't have any from 2011 T_________T  yet. lol. Mainly because 2011 has been a really busy year for me so far (working full time... and now doing school on top of working almost full time... >_<) so I dedicated most of my time to reviews and stuff. Last year was sort of a gap year for me (was just applying for schools and job-hunting so basically had a lot of time lol) so I was able to do some looks. I miss creating and recreating looks! In fact, I've been really wanting to do a Burlesque Series (inspired by the movie Burlesque starring Christina Aguilera and Cher :D) for the longest time but just never have time to do it ='( Hopefully when I leave my work in about two weeks, I will have a little bit more extra time.

These are not all the looks I did... some looks I just don't even like anymore so I'm not gonna bother XD  but here are the majority of them :D

This was a look I did for DSK model contest. To be honest with you guys I wish I didn't enter -_- cuz before I entered I had no idea it was gonna be a popularity contest. I HATE any form of popularity contest. After I realized that I wanted to withdraw but I thought it'd be kind of rude lol -_- oh well. It was fun to do anyway! I really liked the thick thick eyeliner I used to do :) haven't sported that in a very long time. Might go back to it one of these days :) and by the way I almost swallowed that jewelry whilst taking this photo XD and I had lipstick and gloss all over it I had to wipe it down with alcohol XD I like the final effect though ^_^

Same eye makeup with different accessories XD

PS: these pics were taken with beauty function, that's why my face looked so flawless. HAHA.

A hime gyaru look (princess gal). Sort of. Very toned down gyaru. Again this photo was taken with beauty function. Was the time when I had straight bangs ^_^

Okay from this point on no more beauty function XD

I recreated MakeupGeek's classic Kardashian smokey eye look cuz I loved it SO MUCH!!!

Bronze smokey eye :P

Green smokey eye

Gold smokey eye =DDD

Recreated Girlicious' makeup look from their "Maniac" music video ;)

Spider girl look hahahaaha. Was an idea for Halloween but didn't end up using.

Abused school girl look for Halloween XD actually ended up being abused geisha for Halloween. All I used was lipstick and eye shadow XD 

Ayumi Hamasaki look :)

Kumiko look.... not the best shot
Also the Kumiko look which I'm sure you guys are all tired of looking at cuz I am... XD need a new header!!!

Taupe smokey eye

Purple smokey eye that doesn't really show up in this pic... lol

Silver smokey eye :D

Okay enough of procrastinating. Time for me to get back to work. Hope you guys enjoyed this post ^_^ How many of these looks do you remember from me? XD I think I did most of these looks when I barely had readers/followers. lol!

Oh and by the way, I added a widget thingy so now I can reply back to comments in my comment box =DDDDDDDDDDDDDD YAY!!! I always feel bad not replying to some comments... like I felt kind of stupid just going to their blogs to say something trivial... lol >< but now problem solved!! :D Big thanks to Jiawa for giving me detailed instructions on how to do this ^_^ <3

So I will reply here from now on, so feel free to check back for my reply ^_^ if it's a direct question I will still go to your blogs (if you have one!) to reply as always ^_^

Until the next post, take care!

<3 Frances

Monday, July 4, 2011

LOL Old Pics =P

Hahahaha I was going through some old pictures and came across these... I totally forgot about them!
They were taken November 2010. I got this Aviator hat thing (is that how you call these?) from Aldo. But I guess I didn't end up making a post about it cuz I ended up returning it T__T cuz I was like... when was I ever gonna wear it?! It doesn't really go with any of my winter gears... lol

Now I'm looking at these pictures. I miss my dark hair. And I miss my bangs T_T

Kind of looks like I have ears doesn't it? =P haha you can see Boba's cage in the background.





Hahaha sorry for posting these in the middle of the summer XD

Sigh the 3-day weekend was over T_T time to get back to work!

Hope you guys have a great week ^_^

<3 Frances

Sunday, July 3, 2011

MAC Liquidlast Liner Review/ How I line my eyes!

Hey guys!

I'm really excited to do this post ^_^ cuz this product totally deserves it!! In fact, I think this product deserves a lot more attention than it does now.


Content: 2.5 ml / 0.084 oz
Price: $17.50


Although it's said to be a liquid eyeliner, I don't feel like it's a true "liquid" eyeliner, cuz the consistency is really thick compared to your normal liquid eyeliner.



- The brown one is in "Coco Bar" and the black one in "Point Black"

- I don't feel like there's much to say about this product. I obviously like it cuz it stays on well! The most long lasting eyeliner on me to this date. Beats any other gel eyeliners (I've used MAC, Bobbi Brown, Buxom, Shu Uemura). It's water-proof obviously =P

- While I said it's the most long-lasting eyeliner on me, this eyeliner doesn't always stay on all day like every single day I use it. There are good and bad days, but on a bad day the brown eyeliner still wins over the gel eyeliners on their decent days. Generally if it's just a normal work day, it can stay on more than 8 hours without moving. However if I'm hanging out with friends and laugh a lot or tear a lot, it will smudge a bit. 

- Word of caution: the brown formula is wayyy better than the black one. It stays on much better than the black one. I highly recommend the brown one, but I don't really recommend the black one. The brown one is pretty dark so I really love it.

- You will need to have an eyeliner brush to use this product for best results. As you can see from the swatches, giving the applicator that comes with the eyeliner gives a very harsh/thick line. Plus it's a lot harder to control the amount of products you want using the applicator.

- This eyeliner works best without a primer =))) which is total AWESOMENESS =D

Sorry if I look tired and my voice is kind of hoarse... cuz I just woke up and put on foundation XD 

LMAO at the thumbnail XD I laugh every time I see this XD not that I didn't try to change it! it's just not changing =_= so I was like screw it LOL

Hope you guys enjoyed this demo/ tutorial! ^_^

I would also like to add the brown MAC liquidlast liner is my very first holy grail makeup item ^_^ 

<3 Frances

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Okay I failed-- I'm gonna die like a pudding... -__-|||

Remember that I said I'm on a shopping ban, and if I buy anything, I will die like a pudding that has fallen 40 stories?

Yes my dear friends, after 1 full month of not shopping/buying anything... I caved. T口T  Yes, feel free to judge me, cuz I am very ashamed -_-|| I think I decompress through spending money or something O.o

Things I bought:
1. Aveda Botanical Kinetics Facial Mist
2. Philosophy Hope daily oil-free moisturizer
3. Aveda Mineral Loose Powder
4. Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk UV Foundation
5. Giorgio Armani Rouge d'Armani Lasting Satin Lip Color in #515
6. Giorgio Armani Face Fabric (which is a sample I received! Not a purchase!)

Aveda Botanical Kinetics Facial Mist
I don't feel bad about buying this cuz I'm running dangerously low on my MAC fix+ spray, and I want to try something else. A facial spray is sort of an essential for me now it's so hot and dry.

Philosophy Hope daily oil-free moisturizer
I don't feel bad buying this either cuz I was out of my daytime facial moisturizer, plus I have a gift card at Sephora! =DD 

I was using the Lancome Bienfait Multi-Vital SPF 30 Sunscreen, which is a high-potency daily moisturizing cream. I received this for free, so I was just kind of using it. I don't really care for this, I neither like it or dislike it. Just using it up for the sake of it. So I'm glad I was finally done with this cuz this was too rich that it made my skin feel dull.

The Philosophy daily moisturizer, on the other hand, I absolutely adore! It comes out of the tube kind of thick and creamy, but when applied and spread out on my face it's very light and fresh and moisturizing. Besides the fact this moisturizer smells exactly like sunscreen, I have nothing to pick about it and I absolutely adore it :) Very happy with this purchase.

Aveda Mineral Loose Powder
This... was a very unintentional purchase 囧. I went to Aveda to pick up the facial mist and some hand/body lotion for my brother, and happened to swatch the loose powder on my hand... it was so beautiful I was immediately sold O_O I already 2 powders that I am currently using, so I really didn't need this at all. But I don't regret buying this either cuz I've been loving it ^_^ Will do a review.

Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk UV Foundation
Okay okay I know you guys are gonna exclaim, "Frances!! Why did you buy another foundation?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You already have so many!! Another liquid foundation is the LAST thing you need!!!"

Um, unfortunately that statement is only true to a certain extent. Although the Jill Stuart and Laneige foundation does match my face color, but unfortunately my body has somehow been unintentionally getter tanner and tanner (which is completely odd cuz I'm always indoors working or schooling =_=)  so these two foundations really look too pale on me compared to the rest of my body. I've been wanting to buy a darker shade of foundation for the longest time to mix with my lighter foundation (and may I add it's HARD to find a perfect match foundation... it's really easier to mix it yourself), but I just never got to it because first, I wasn't sure which brand I want to get, second of all, I wasn't sure if I want to spend that much money for a mixing foundation and whether or not if I should just opt for a bronzer. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find a bronzer to apply all over my face without looking unnatural, and I really can't put this off any longer cuz my face has been looking ridiculously pale compared to my body >_<

I originally was planning to get the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation, which was a foundation I really enjoyed when I tried out the samples back in February or March? However I was hesitant cuz I remember this foundation even after setting with powder tends to slip rather easily when I get oily.

What prompted me to try this foundation was when I watched Rae's June's Hits and Misses video: 

I have tried Giorgio Armani's Luminous Silk Foundation and Face Fabric before, but was unimpressed, but I'd never tried the Lasting Silk! So I decided to give it a go. I didn't even get samples this time, which is SUPER out of the character for me (cuz I really don't have time to go shopping at the malls these days) I just looked for the shade I want (I got it in 6.5 which is several shades darker than JS and Laneige) and bought it. Have only been using it for two days but so far I'm very impressed. I feel a bit guilty buying this foundation cuz of the price (not the most expensive one I've purchased before, but the most expensive one I've decided to keep), but I don't regret and so far very happy with it. Will continue to use it with my JS and Laneige and see how it goes ^_^ prob won't do an individual review on this particular foundation though cuz I'm never gonna use it alone O_O

The Face Fabric foundation sample the MUA gave me. Not sure why I took it cuz I've tried it. Oh well might give it a second chance, who knows I might change my mind and like it?=P

Giorgio Armani Rouge d'Armani Lasting Satin Lip Color in #515
This last purchase was completely unintentional as well O__O

It's pretty weird for me to have such a strong urge or even the will to spend so much on one lipstick, even more funny cuz I've been really really wanting the YSL Faubourg Peach lipstick ever since I saw Michelle Phan use it in her Simple and Clean tutorial

The YSL Faubourg Peach lipstick is $34 O__________O So I was sort of waiting to see if I'm actually gonna go crazy and splurge. But when I saw the GA lipstick at the store, I went O_O++++ (see the sparks in my eyes? XD)

The color in this pic is NOT true to color.
But anyway, it's a very pretty cool baby pink. I don't generally like how lipsticks feel on my lips that's why I don't really ever wear them (the only lip products I really do enjoy will be from Lancome) but I actually like the formula of this lipstick ^_^ feels like lip balm actually, very light and moisturizing and doesn't give that icky feeling that most lipsticks do. I was gonna return it cuz I feel so bad spending so much on a lipstick (although I take a little comfort in the fact this is slightly cheaper than YSL XD) but I already used it O_O so... I might just keep it.

I hope you guys enjoyed this haul! An awful lot of writing for a haul I know XD

I know a lot of you will be celebrating the Fourth of July Weekend for those who live in America ^__^  But please party safe okay? :) Guess what I will be on call for the holiday -_- no celebration for me lol... aiyaya >_<

<3 Frances

Majolica Majorca Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On Mascara and Lash Bone Black Fiber In Mascara Primer

Hello lovelies ^___^

So today I'm gonna share the results of my Majolica Majorca Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On mascara and the Lash Bone Black Fiber In mascara primer :) this is not really a review, simply because I don't feel like there's much to say; these MJ mascaras basically live up to their old standards, and to me, not that too different from the older MJ generations, which I had reviewed here. But to summarize very briefly, the reasons why I always keep going back to MJ mascaras is because 1. waterproof and never smudges 2. holds curls extremely well/ all day for me! 3. easy to apply with the small comb applicator




The application of lash enamel glamour is a little different from the last one. But to me is a minor detail that doesn't make a whole lot of difference.

I didn't notice the mascara primer is supposed to contain black fibers at first, so when I first opened it, I was like, ew? XD

The primer doesn't do anything in terms of lengthening or volumizing, but it is AWESOME for curl-holding! 


Haha for some reason mascaras always wear better on my left eye, my right eye always look funny XD


That's all I have! Hope you guys likey ^_^

<3 Frances

Friday, July 1, 2011

What I do to reduce/ prevent scarring

Hey guys ^_^

So today I thought I'd talk to you guys more about skincare. Not that I'm an expert :) but just sharing from the accumulation of past experiences ;)

So most of you know that my face had a major breakout about 1 month ago, so I was really busy trying to reduce scarring XD and now my face is all cleared up, I thought why not talk about scarring?

One thing I can emphasize over and over and OVER again, is that you must try to whiten your skin when you're recovering from breaking out! Whitening is not about getting paler, but rather it prevents hyperpigmentation that result from scarring. So if you want to prevent scarring, whiten your skin!

While natural yogurt works great, a little extra whitening products always help tremendously as well!

These were what I used. I wasn't planning to use these Biotherm sample products, but since I had so much break out, I wanted the maximum whitening possible, and white D-TOX claims to really brighten up your skin. And I must say, I really like them ^_^ In fact, I enjoy them so much that I panicked when I realized I was running low on the products, that I went onto their website to buy the serum and the moisturizer 囧 (waiting impatiently for the products to be shipped to me ^_^). The serum has a very nice refreshing smell to it (kind of reminds me of grapefruit?) and the moisturizer is very thin but at the same time surprisingly hydrating enough, perfect for summer ^_^ (yes that's how I rationalize my purchase... need skincare suitable for summer! lol I was trying to use up my skincare from winter and it's just not working... my skin felt dull from the heavy skincare). I found that my skin has become even brighter (as if it's not pale enough yet XD) after using the Biotherm products. Not saying you need to use them! Just saying they worked on me :)  I believe Biotherm is only available online for US residents.

Using sheet masks will help with brightening as well. It doesn't matter what kind, I found that my face looks brighter after using any My Beauty Diary sheet masks. But you can go for masks that contain Arbutin (bearberry extract) which has whitening properties. Those work fantastic as well ^_^

My last advice for preventing scarring is to wear BB creams instead of foundations AND concealers

First makeup item I ever used up!!! YES!!! (well besides mascaras and eyeliners lol) well it's a small tube XD 

To me concealers are the WORST things you can do to your recovering skin, cuz I found that the pigments in concealer often lead to darkening of my scarring areas. While concealers did help me feel better cuz it hid my scars, I found the scarring so not worth it. Foundation kind of gives the same problem. BB creams, on the other hand, not only does not cause hyperpigmentation, but at the same time also whitens and brightens your skin. Plus it gives good coverage. Go for a BB cream that has whitening properties. For me, the SKIN79 BB cream (doesn't matter if it's gold label or pink label or prestige one they all work) really worked on me. My scars faded so much faster when I wore BB creams. The only downside to BB creams is my face would look paler compared to the rest of my body.

That's it! I hope you guys found this helpful ^_^ and good luck if you're fighting breakouts!

<3 Frances


I just wanted to add "my explanation" on why concealers/foundation leads to darkening of scarring area :)

I'm not sure if there's a scientific way to explain it. Concealers and foundations will only darken your skin if the break out area has open wound (which in my case they usually do). My theory is the pigments in the foundation and concealer can penetrate your epidermis through the wound and settle there (that's where your melanocytes are at too, in the epidermis. So if you naturally have more dark pigments they will show up on your face). I don't know if this is scientific, but from my experiences when I use concealers/foundations on open wounds, and after they healed, they tend to look darker than the skin around it, because my skin absorbed the pigments from my makeup (think that your skin can absorb skincare products and even yogurt and stuff, so your skin can easily absorb pigments from your makeup as well, especially when there's open wound). Kind of like the color of a freckle except they will be the shape of my pimple where the open wound was at TOT of course the hyperpigmentation wouldn't be permanent because your skin cells shed off everyday and you will get an entirely new layer of epidermis over time XD but it takes time for that to happen. Plus depending on how bad the break out was, some scars might be permanent. So I just avoid using concealers/foundations all together when I have breakouts with open wounds. This is just from my own experience though :) as far as I know, no one really complained about how concealers make them scar. I just happened to notice that because before I started using concealers, my skin always heal fine and didn't scar. After I started using concealers (when I started really getting into makeup XD) I noticed that I scar more and it takes forever for the scar to fade :( (well cuz waiting for skin cells to turnover haha) so that's why I say avoid using concealers and foundations when your skin is recovering from breaking out :)