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Thursday, March 4, 2010


Hey there!

So I think this is a website every girl should know/check out :) especially if you're a Stila fan!


They have super cheap makeup there... brands include:
1. Stila Cosmetics
2. DuWop
3. Too Faced
4. Lola Cosmetics
5. Josie Maran
6. Senna Cosmetics
7. Pop Beauty
8. Bella Il Fiore
9. Pixi
10. Sugar

Personally I've only used Stila and Too Faced out of this list... but if you guys like any of the makeup brand from the list above, then you should definitely check it out!

Here's my mini haul from this website... I'm completely happy with the products I got :)
(All of the stuff I got are from Stila)

First is the "out of line, smudge pot trio"


(I know I just put a paper towl under it for background XD lame... I know! I'm not like some makeup gurus who have super awesome backgrounds... I'll work on that lol! )

I love this trio! Although the pots are tiny but there are so much product in there... and I think the staying power of these eyeliners are pretty good too! (which is kind of funny considering they're "smudge" pots lol..)


This is only $12!

And I got this "CanCam 4-Pan Palette Look 1" for only $10 :)
But I think this product is out of stock now :( they still have the Korean palette though.



This palette contains 3 eyeshadows and 1 cheek color (the bottom right)
(I believe the cheek color is the same as the Stila Convertible "gerbera" which I love :] )
However I'm not really loving the palette... pink is a tricky color to work on your eyelids cuz if you're not careful, your eyes will end up looking puffy and swollen. So I'm still trying to play with it. Also I don't think the eye shadow powder is that refine; especially the blush powder... it looks powdery on my face unless I wet my brush during application (Definitely not a rpoduct I'd go back buying...)

I also got this Convertible Color Bronzing Duo in "Marigold"... for only 10 bucks!!!


When I saw it online I was mainly looking at the dark brown.... thinking I could use this for contouring.... when I got the product I was thinking to myself omg what should I do with the gold color?! But it turns out to be such a BEAUTIFUL blush color... it gives your cheeks such a beautiful, healthy, sun-kissed glow :) I'm absolutely in love with it and this is actually my favorite blush color for now. For 10 bucks this is totally worth it. I think I might actually go back to buy some more ^__^

So that is my little mini haul! I think I paid something like 6 dollars for the shipping.

So check  it out guys! I hope some of you find this entry helpful!

<3 Frances

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