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Friday, March 26, 2010

Feeling very masculine at the moment....

Sooo... Last night I was washing my face and all getting ready to go to bed... I looked at the mirror in the bathroom and turned off the light to head out THEN I had to go back to the bathroom, turn on the light to do a double-take...

Man, I have mustache!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I've always known that I have moustache... I'm never the girl who cares a lot about facial hair except for my eyebrows... but this... wow... is pretty amazingly long! I never realized or ever fully "appreciated" how long they are O___o


See how long they are!?!?!? O___o wow I feel like a man!!!!

My first reaction was.... whoaaaa... is my testosterone level normal?! XD science-dorkiness kicking in.... 

So I was all like... wtf... then I snatched up my eyebrow razors... but I hesitated... what if I cut myself accidentally?! What if I get razor burn? What if I leave a scar? So I picked up my tweezers instead and then I thought... hell noooo it's gonna hurt like a b****....  0___0

So I just eneded up just not doing anything and went to bed XD Maybe I'll get it "myspringit" and get rid of them someday. HAHA

Wooo I feel so masculine now! XD


  1. I have the same problem too! haha

  2. hahaxD
    i think all asian girls have the same problem!

  3. haha yeah babe, high five! and thank youu ~ you look so cute in pictures!

  4. I think that's why we have this traditional way called "wan mien(挽面)," using strings to get rid of them.XD

  5. OMG Rita >__< thanks for supporting T__T *teary*
    heehee "wan mien" in English is called threading ^__^ dude you've ever done it in Taiwan?! My mom was gonna take me last summer but I chickened out O__O

  6. I think that's why we have this traditional way called "wan mien(挽面)," using strings to get rid of them.XD


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