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Sunday, March 28, 2010

The glove and the bow style?!

Hello hello! =)

K I admit I don't exactly know how to name this style XD
Sorry sorry! (makes me wanna sing the Super Junior song again XD haha)

So I've been reading a lot of Japanese fashion magazines... like usual :D
(Thanks to Dian for your ViVi magazines :D love you!)

A lot of people know, bows are coming back!
At first I was like... emmm... bows on my head? No thanks... cuz come on! How old am I?!
I gotta say after reading so many I'm brain-washed pretty good... lol!

Few examples:



(I think this hair style is super duper cute!! :D but I don't have enough hair haha)

Then I saw this...


The famous ViVi model, Lena Fujii (藤井リナ) of course :D She's one of my favorites.


hat+ bling shirt+ long necklace+ leather gloves.... :) hot damn! Photobucket

>__< Of course you can go for a sexier approach... like lacey gloves ;) Photobucket

ohhhhh babe!!! haha.
(yes I take notes when I read magazines... lol good ol' post-its haha)
So I got inspired to come up with this look :)


cuz black goes with everything :) usually I never wear gold necklaces


I'm wearing a ring cuz I felt like something's missing lol

With a black, fancy bow as well :)

upper body look

I changed my necklace

My beloved leather glove <3 Wish I could've found a hot pink one like Lena's though *sigh*

Of course you can wear short necklaces too

Ok that's enough. Hope you guys are not too tired of seeing my pictures yet haha!

PS: Some pictures I took with beauty function on my camera, in case you're wondering :)
But I try to take most of them with normal portrait function, keep it real you know lol!

That's it! Hope you guys like this style :P

<3 Frances


  1. It looks great on you!!!!!
    luv your blog!!

  2. *don't know why I can't leave the message on fb@@...*

    I subscribed this blog from the very beginning of it.:P
    It's just that I was busying sending applications so that I didn't have time to leave comments.
    great blog!
    I'll be "watching." :P

  3. I luv gloves tooo!!!!
    But it's tooo warm in Taiwan...my hands get sweaty easily.XD

  4. Pretty style (: looks really nice~

  5. To dear Rita...

    haha all good la :D I really appreciate it though >_< glad you're done with your apps though, applying is the worst part of anything O__O

    ps. haha dude my palms got sweaty just from shooting pics for this entry... so I guess I'm not doing any better in America XD

    To Fiona,
    Thank you girlie :D glad you like it!

  6. aw frances~ i like your top! u look super cute. lol only if you could actually wear it out here without getting weird looks... -__-

  7. oops that was me joyce the one above..

  8. Haha Joyce I totally guessed it was you when I read your first comment XD thank you my dear :D I know -___- but I MIGHT wear it out next time I go out who knows muahahaha

  9. what camera that you usually use on every pic?

  10. @ Agnes: I think it was Samsung dual view TL220 (it got stolen so I'm not sure exactly sure about the model). It's a very nice camera for self portraits :D (but other than that this camera kind of sucks XD) Three photos in this entry were taken with the beauty function... you probably already can tell XD

  11. aw frances~ i like your top! u look super cute. lol only if you could actually wear it out here without getting weird looks... -__-


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