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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Jill Stuart Smooth Silk Liquid Foundation Review

Hello everyone! 

LOLOLOL OMG it's finally here!
The most anticipated product, the Jill Stuart foundation =D

Something I'd like to stress before I get into the review. I'm not sure if it's just because Colorado is super dry =_= But I found this foundation on the drier side, and looks a bit dry/powdery on me when applied with fingers. Which is strange cuz when I used it in Taiwan I didn't have these problems. My skin has been freaking out. Big time. Not just my face, but my whole body. I have patchy flakey skin all over my body, and my face has been breaking out. But I've been treating it intensively with Stonyfield natural yogurt and it's getting better *relieved*

Now onto the foundation!

Let's take a look at the packaging first XD cuz I think that's what Jill Stuart's known for XD the super girly and dreamy packaging ^.^
Price: $1250 TWD (about $43.6 USD)
Volume: 30ml (1 oz)
Would be cheaper if you buy this in Japan... >.<

For you Japanese readers out there =D I don't understand a thing and I lost my Chinese label XD
I just absolutely ADORE the paper material of the box!!!! what do you call this kind of material???
Just look at the detail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dies*

Okay now onto the foundation!

I really like the pump! So easy to control =D

Admittedly I freaked out when I first pumped the foundation out, thinking OMG it's SO light!! But once blended it's actually okay =P

This foundation almost does not oxidize ^_^b thumbs up!

There's almost no change in the color!

Other things about this foundation...

- SPF20 PA++
- Light to medium coverage (on the lighter side)
- Dries to matte, yet luminous finish (霧面妝感). On the packaging it says it's semi-matte =)
- Dries rather fast so you will need to work fast if you're using fingers/brushes.
- For me, the best effect comes with applying the foundation with wet a beautyblender (doesn't have to be a beautyblender-- just wet sponge will do, as long as the applicator contains moisture). Using a wet beautyblender helps blending a lot easier and gives a better finish. Also builds coverage better since you might get uneven patches if you use your fingers since the foundation dries so fast
- Lasts well-- it doesn't cake up or slide off by the end of the day (But keep in mind I did use a wet beautyblender for application, and I did set it with a powder, and I've been misting my face throughout the day cuz my face is dry, so these might have influenced the wear). It wears well but I do look shiny on my nose at the end of the day.

As usual, product demo video!
Naked face you're warned XD
By the way I'm sorry that I mumbled a lot in the video, I haven't made one in AGES and forgot to speak louder... plus I'm still trying to get used to speaking English haha XD

Please watch in HD or else it'd look really blurry!

Thanks for checking this post out! ^_^

<3 Frances


  1. woww jill stuart! the packaging is so princess-ey *__* Good thing it does not oxidize & it suits your skincolor really well (:

  2. Pretty foundation!!!!!! I've wanted to try JS SO badly but they're so expensive!! :p

  3. Aw you have a cute voice! I love the packaging of the foundation, sooo pretty!

  4. Maybe it's the video but I think it looks nice! :D
    If I am able to get a job this summer I think I might try out a few Jill Stuart products. Hopefully the prices in the Soho store is similar to those in Asia *cross fingers*

  5. this is so pretty! :) JS packaging is love!

  6. Pretty foundation!!!!!! I've wanted to try JS SO badly but they're so expensive!! :p


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