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Saturday, June 11, 2011

New shoes! =D

Hello everyone!

So as I mentioned in an older post... I bought a LOT of shoes in Taiwan. Six pairs to be exact O_O And they are all department stores shoes. $$$... bye T_T But I'm not at all reluctant to spend a lot on shoes cuz I have poor feet and weak knees, lol!  And I don't feel bad at all about buying those shoes, cuz I rarely shop for shoes in the US. Well first, no disrespect there, but I think most shoes here are kind of ugly... ON ME. lol have to stress that it applies specifically to me! LOL. But more importantly, US shoes just don't really fit me. I cannot wear any US heels without feeling excruciating pain. Maybe it's because my Asian feet structure are just too different from the Americans. Asian shoes are so comfy ^_^  But anyway, let's just the video speak for itself, shall we? ^_^

Please watch in HD!

I'm definitely NOT a girl with great fashion sense, but this is MY style ^_~  lol did you notice all my shoes are very similar style? LOL

Hope you guys likey! Took me FOREVER to edit. T口T

Happy Saturday! 

<3 Frances


  1. I rarely buy shoes too (except for recently..lol) I didn't know that there was a difference between American shoes and Asian shoes! Interesting..Must go shoe shopping if I go to Asia too =P I ended up getting a pear of off-white pumps. The pair of peep-toe pumps that a lot of people preferred didn't have the size and color I wanted in store and even though the strappy sandals heels from ALDO were extremely pretty..I had to make the more conscious decision :( If only I had all the money in the world hehe!

  2. you boots and TAS sandals are my favs!! I also LOVE your red checked pants!

    What are you talking about, I love your style :)

  3. I'M BACK! (just a little to check you out! ;D)
    At first i was like... OOOO military heels sooo cuuuute.... than I saw the next one (the rocker chich look) and just instantly died of jealousy!!!!!!!! DAMN GIRL!! I love your shoes taste! THey are all just soooo adorable!!! Nyaaaaaaa!! Jelly jelly jelly jelly T^T Glad to see you are doing fine and still as cute as ever~! <3

  4. Not a girl with great fashion sense, well dear, if that’s the case, I’m also not one coz I love all the shoes you chose! Literally all! The camouflage one is so cool. I’ve got a penchant for shoes with wrappings at the ankle. They look great but it’s difficult to find nice ones on my feet. The nude one and yellow pumps rock too. I never knew how to edit videos!


    PS: I'm not able to post on blogs with comment form embedded below post since a few weeks back. I'm gonna try if this gets tru.

  5. I don't often buy shoes too. Those are so cute

  6. Cute shoes! I really like the nude ones and your boots! Omg I want a pair of boots like that. lol I have a hard time finding comfy shoes too. Maybe its just bc I have flat feet. TT

  7. Looking at your shoes i think you have a great style. Loved pretty much all of them :O

  8. wowwww! I love the black heels and the yellow heels! (: & I agree about the American shoes not being my style >< hehe~ I really like to shop in China for shoes~ but then I mostly buy stuff at like 夜市~ cause the department store shoes are so expensive! >< sometimes more expensive than the ones at US!

  9. You just have my award! (*^▽^*)



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