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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Shu Uemura Skin Revitalizing Discovery Kit Pre-Sale!!

Hello guys!

So I was at Nordstrom yesterday to purchase a sunscreen from Shiseido (will do a review on it once I tested it out) I saw this pretty good pre-sale deal at the Shu Uemura counter.
(It's pre-sale because you have to order them, then receive/pick them up later).

This pre-sale set, which is called shu uemura Skin Revitalizing Discovery Kit, is only $35, and includes three items:

1. Skin Purifier Antioxidant Cleansing Oil (5.07 oz.)
(This alone usually retails for $32!!! It's a full-size item  :D :D )

2. red:juvenus Vitalizing Retexturizing cream (0.44 oz.)

3. Depsea Water Mist in Lavender (1.7 oz.)

I've been using MAC's cleanse off oil (5 oz for $22) and I'm on my third bottle. I use cleansing oil in stead of other forms of makeup remover cuz I think it's the most gentle way to clean my face.

before MAC, I used to use Lancome Bi-Facil (4.2 oz for $26)
Which is an excellent eye makeup remover, but I switched to MAC because I wanted something that can take off makeup from my whole face, not just eye-makeup (I also don't believe in makeup wipes). I remember I used to love this so much cuz it removes makeup so well and it's so gentle, but after using MAC for a while however, when I switched back to bi-facil I actually found that it stings my eyes X_X So sadly I don't use this anymore.

So anyway, I like/or don't mind the MAC cleanse off oil, but I don't love it. I only keep repurchasing this because I don't know other good cleansing oil XD My ex-roommate told me that the cleanse off oil from Shu Uemura is even better than the MAC one, but I never tried it cuz it's like $10 more expensive!!! But since the pre-sale is such a good deal ($35 for three items!! full size cleanse off oil too! SOO worth it!) I decided to give it a try.

After ordering the set, the sales associate gave me the cleanse off oil sample, and the eye-cream sample so I can start getting a feel of what it is like. And aftering using the sample last night, OMG, I was so impressed with the cleanse off oil (wayyyyyyy better than MAC!!!!) that today I went to the mall and ordered two more sets... yep! two sets X_X so I have a total of three... hell yeah I'm stocking this up! I go through makeup removers fast, facial cream is always welcome, and facial mist is perfect for summer... seriously, why wouldn't I want to order more XD

Here's the comparison between the shu uemura and MAC cleansing oil:

I only used a dime size of Shu Uemura and it removed my makeup from my whole face, and it melts aways my eye makeup so instantly it's crazy. The MAC one I usually have to use a quarter size*2 times to remove my makeup, and I have to patiently massage my eyes for about a minute to get the makeup completely melted. The Shu Uemura takes like 5 seconds. So Shu Uemura takes so much less time and effort to remove makeup, I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >w< Plus Shu Uemura smells so floral-y, how can you not love it >w<

The sales associate was very generous and gave me a TON of samples today :)
phyto-black lift anti-wrinkle cream
phyto-black lift smoothing anti-wrinkle emulsion.
other cleansing oil :P
Look at how many packets I got! Enough for me to try out each for a week
and haha yes I just threw some post-it to label my jars XD
all the cleansing oils she gave me... will be trying them out too.
But I'm gonna save the bottles... they're actually perfect if you're traveling cuz a little goes a long way
I also asked for some liquid foundation samples XD (yeah I'm always on the lookout for my perfect foundation...) Both shades work for me, so she gave me each so I can play with them :)

I'm not sure when the pre-sale goes till, but I'm supposed to get them on 7/16 so I assume that will be the final day?? Not sure.  But if you guys want to give it a go hurry up :) :) :) If you're not sure whether or not you'd like any of the products, you can always ask for samples to try out at home, don't be shy :)

Hope you guys find this helpful :)

And because I haven't shown my face in a while XD
My hair's getting soo long again sometimes I just want to shave it off... hahah!

<3 Frances


  1. I love shu umemura's cleansing oil! Its just too expensive to buy it but that is such a good deal you got there!

  2. I've never tried shu uemura's cleansing oil, but it sounds really good! I'm currently using Lancome's Bi-Facil and before that I was using Sonia Kashuk brand makeup remover. I need to try this! lol It will be my next purchase after I finish the Lancome one. I'd have to buy it online bc Shu Uemura products are no longer sold in the U.S. T_T

  3. Cleansing oil is the best! After trying cleansing oil, I'm never going back to any other type of makeup remover. I haven't tried Shu's (too pricey for me) but I do use the Kose Softymo deep cleansing oil which works perfectly for me.

    Here's a pretty useful link with reviews of some of the most popular cleansing oils: http://makeupforlife.net/2006/03/cleansing-oil.html

  4. i'm contemplating getting the MAC cleansing oil. i have trouble getting makeup off.

  5. omg i want to buy the kit too! $35 is a pretty good price honestly!! and omg, why are sales in toronto so cheap, they rarly give out samples!!


  6. Have you tried mac foundation? What shade are you? I'm Nc 20 I really want to try the shu uemura foundation but I don't know what shade I am, and I cant get samples because we dont have them in the states :(

  7. @ Anonymous:

    Hello! Yes I have and I'm MAC NC25! The foundation I tried was "FACE ARCHITECT SMOOTHING FLUID FOUNDATION" and my shade was 764. However Shu Uemura does have an unusual way of numbering the shades, and the swatches on their website is NOWHERE representative of the colors in real life. =( But I didn't end up buying it though cuz I didn't like it lol.

  8. okay thanks!! I wish I could get a sample before I buy it, why did you like it?

  9. Hello! Actually I looked up my sample jars, either 764 or 974 worked for me. I think one is just more yellow than the other. Um I didn't like it cuz it gives me a rather powdery finish and it wasn't moisturizing enough for me. I actually still have my #974 sample with me, I can mail it to you if you want? It's 4 months old so I don't think you should try it on your face, but you can try it on your hand to see if you like the texture? this one I haven't used, I've only used the other one. e-mail me at theprettibrowneyes@gmail.com if you want me to mail the sample to you =)


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