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Thursday, July 1, 2010

A different post :)

Hey lovelies =)

Today's gonna be a different post... I guess I'm in a dance-sick mood... lol. Sighhhhh
I miss dancing SOOO much... it kind of hurts : '(
I'm really dying to move to Cali so I can start training again... there's not much offered here in CO... I so need to get out of here =_= I used to dance all the time but not anymore :'(

So anyways I'm gonna post a few of my very very fav dance videos...

if you like what you see here... definitely check out my other blog
where I post dance videos I like :) haven't updated it much but I'm gonna start doing it on a daily basis.

Hope you guys enjoy *^_^*

Rude Boy by Ellen Kim

Ellen Kim is definitely my very favorite dancer/choreographer among my other favorite ones XD she seriously is... god-send O_O

Rude Boy by Gigi Torres

Gigi Torres is the leader of the Essence Ladies, or Essence Movement. Definitely check it out :)

Lesson Learned by Mariel Martin

Mariel Martin is another of my very fav... Kyle Hanagami and Mari are right next to Ellen Kim to me lol.

Go Dumb

The girl in yellow is Pauline Mata and she's freaking AMAZING

OKayy I need to go get stuff done now. Until the next post everyone stay well =)

<3 Frances


  1. OMG~!! I love dancing too and I know how to feel! I wanna go back to Japan and train again! I assume you're a hip hop dancer? I'm a dance hall reaggea dancer ;)

  2. Aww I hope you can find a way to dance again soon, I can tell you really love it! Hehe I gave you an award if you wanna check it out!~

  3. Awesome! I cannot dance for the life of me, but it's so cool that you do! =] Maybe you can find a way to dance.


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