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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So this is how I look like if I had short hair.... haha


OMG guys the weather has been SO FREAKING WARM that I really just want to chop my hair off... actually I've been very annoyed with my hair for a while now >口< it's always in my face... sometimes I just want to shave everything off =_=

It seems like short hair has been the trend for a couple of years now...



Jolin Tsai (although she's just wearing wigs lol but I do like this curly semi-short hair)

In "Agent J" she had very sleek short hair :) reminded me a lot of Rihanna. Super sexy (:

And Rihanna has been having short hair every since "good girl gone bad" :P which in my opinion suits her better than long hair

Even Hebe from S.H.E. has been having short hair for a while (although in the most recent album it's medium hair)

So I was bored enough to clip my hair up XD this will be the BoA haircut minus all the short layers XD
Yes I'm clothed in these pics.... it's called tube-top, which is unfortunately cut-off from the pics... -___-

Hmm if I ever get my hair cut short though I'd prob go for BoA or "Agent J"'s haircut :P
I feel like I've been having this haircut FOREVER and there isn't really much change I can go for unless I do something more radical... :T we'll see if I'm crazy enough XD

On the side note though... maybe I'm not ready for short hair, but I'm definitely down for radical hair colors XD
I've always always always wanted to try this style XDD (I'm an emo punk on the inside??) but I'd like the highlight to be less yellow. I'd go for ash blonde highlights. This will be the style I'm having when I finally decide to dye my hair back to its natural color.... plus crazy highlights XD

I adore this as well  ^__^

What's the craziest hair style you guys have? :D

<3 Frances


  1. haha..XXD how cute though you with the short hair!!
    short hair makes you look younger! well, u do still look young even with long hair..=)
    I'm all for you doing a radical hair color..~! just go for it! =D
    I have thin hair so there are really limited styles that I could pull of..U____U

  2. Ah it's so cute <3 Short hair is kind of high maintenance though, at least if your hair is "light"... Lot of flyaways!
    I like Yoobin's short hair (http://www.allkpop.com.lg1x1.simplecdn.net/wp-content/uploads/old/2008_news_rumors/110208_YoobinShort.jpg) the most.. At first I got it cut like that but it's kind of grown out now and it's really annoying to style it/fix all the flyaways so I tie it up most of the time :S

    I like the second highlight dye pic, so pretty... The first model's hair looks kind of dry xD (I guess they go for that "messy" look xD)

    The most radical I'd ever want would be Ga in's hair in Abracadabra (not very radical I know): http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_Z2JMtUx6-R4/S1mzlPdsTvI/AAAAAAAAAG8/GMxJBakBsFo/s400/file_down2.jpg

  3. http://babynationxo.blogspot.com/
    Today's politics and pop culture from a young liberal's perspective! I follow back=) -love your blog btw

  4. Short hair looks really nice on you!

    The only set back would be not being able to tie it up if it's too short. Even though it's short, sometimes when its really hot...>__<;;

    All these styles are so drastic lol But very pretty in they're own ways :P

  5. I've always wanted short hair too.. but never had the courage! Don't get too many layers (your emo-pumk picture :p) or it'll take FOREVER to grow out all of them to change your hairstyle again.. you look good with short hair! it's always nice to cut off a dramatic amount once in awhile=)

  6. you are soo pretty!! thanks for stopping by my blog <3.

  7. you are soo pretty!! thanks for stopping by my blog <3.


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