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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Foundation Application

Hi there!

So I sum up a few ways you can apply your foundation... hopefully this will help you choose the perfect method for the perfect look :)

I'm starting to do the highlighting thing for people who don't want to read everything :) hopefully it'll make the reading process easier XD

1. Wedged sponges


** Always wet your sponges before you use them!!

Pros: This application gives you very even and natural coverage, and the wedges allow you to get into everywhere on your face :) a very friendly application, I recommend beginners to start out with sponges because you can't really go wrong with them, and they're super cheap :)

Cons: Not very eco-friendly obviously... because you just throw them away after application. You guys might think I'm crazy but I think it is something to be considered. Secondly, sponges absorb too much product. Although you already wet them to prevent them from absorbing too much, they still eat up a lot of the product.

2. Foundation brush


Pros: I think this application "waste" the least product, because foundation brushes don't absorb much product. And if you have a good foundation brush, the application will be very even and natural as well. However, if you don't have a good foundation brush, it's very likely that you'll have streak marks on you (A good foundation brush in my opinion has to be thick, because it needs to have enough fine hairs to get every inch of your face, leaving no space between streaks. In other words, if you're looking at a very thin foundation brush, it is likely to leave streak marks. Also having very fine and soft bristles is very important too cuz that will reduct the streakiness. A good foundation brush I've used is from Sephora professional line).  It is important to do some homework on foundation brushes before you randomly buy one because they're pretty expensive, you don't want to burn a hole in your pocket. However, I feel like foundation brushes are only good for using moist foundation (preferably watery ones) ; if the foundation is relatively dry, it is a little hard to work with. But you can always wet your foundation brush if your foundation is too dry to work with, that'll help :)

Cons: Streak marks.

3. Stippling brush


Pros: You can get the so-called the air-brushed effect by stippling foundation on... or that's what they say. To be honest with you guys, I can't tell the difference XD but thought I'd just throw it out there, in case you guys actually notice a difference.

Cons: You need more time and patience for this method, since it could take a while to stipple your whole face (since I'm so lazy... not my favorite to apply foundation XD haha). Also, I would highly suggest buying a smaller stippling brush, like for example, a size like MAC 130 or 188 (Not saying you should buy MAC! Just giving you an idea of the size of the brush, although MAC stippling brushes are better than the Sephora ones in my opinion-- they're softer). I have a MAC 187, and I found that when I'm applying my nose area, the big stippling brush just cannot get into the smaller corners, thus leaving a very uneven application-- I always have to use my fingers to blend it out. So I recommend getting a smaller stippling brush if you're thinking about buying one :)

4. Last but not least... your fingers of course lol!

Pros: Your fingers can warm up the foundation, thus is very good for blending.

Cons: Applying foundation using fingers is more heavy. This is not a bad thing if you want a good coverage. I don't normally like heavy coverage so I prefer using sponges or foundation brushes. However, if I want to use foundation to conceal, I love using my fingers.
*** You can also put the foundation on the back of your hand, and use one or two fingers to rub on the foundation in circular motion on the back of your for a little bit, then use the foundation on your fingers for a lighter application :)

And I think that's it! Did I leave out anything!?!?!?!?????!?!?????!?!?!?????? I hope not lol!
Hope this is helpful :D

Makeup brushes are pretty expensive... so if you can't afford them, I'd say just go ahead and try out the sponges, cuz I think they work wonderfully :)

<3 Frances

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