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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream Review


Price: $17

What it claims to do:
Helps reduce appearance of fine lines, puffiness and dark circles.

Personally... I have fine lines under my eyes (T^T why~~~ am I THAT old~~)
and I do have dark circles (and eye bags =_=)

I have been using this product for about 5 weeks?
Personally I haven't felt or noticed any difference XD so I guess that means it's not gonna do anything for me.
A little bit disappointed because the lady who works at the Body Shop said she really loves this stuff. Well I guess it's just not for me. It might be because I'm already using high-end skin care products though? (I use Shiseido).

So I will just carry on with my fine lines and dark circles XD (I've always had these fine lines =_= and dark circles... I think only going to bed actually early helps XD). But I will finish using this product :) Just a preventative thing. Will be on the hunt for a better eye cream after I finished this :)

Any one has used a good eye cream????

<3 Frances


  1. WelL i also have fine lines and dark circles but I still have not found a miraclulous product... still looking for.

    I suppose, sleeping earlier is a good idea ;p

  2. hmmm... I'm too looking for fine lines. For my dark circles, I used the eyliplex-2 and it did work! But I only used the night balm and not the eye lift side. But it is freaking expensive i thought :S

    Do let me know if you find something good for fine lines as I will too!

  3. Maybe for your next eye cream you can get something that's specifically for moisturizing the area and not for repairing.

    I have fine lines as well but it's because the area is dehydrated. Once I put on my eye cream which is more for moisturizing, the fine lines disappear. You can probably test it out and see if you have a hydration issue as well by trying a moisturizing sheet mask :)

  4. I have fine lines and dark circles....T^T
    I had loreal's eye cream once, but dunno why it makes my eyes hurt so I had to give it up!
    So I'm still looking for eye cream too.
    I'm thinking about Olay or Kiehl's. I guess I'll try Olay first 'cause it's cheaper.XD

  5. Oh..and about the dark circle. I've heard doctors said that ppl who have allergies is doomed to have dark circle, so it can't be erased by any product. Dunno if it's absolute true though...@@

  6. @ Rita: WHAT!!! does that mean we're both f***ed!!!! TT口TT

  7. Proper diet and drinking of plenty of water is the best way for you to remove dark circles. Live a healthy lifestyle and stop smoking. Always have enough sleep and rest for you to look fresher and younger and free from dark circles under eyes.


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