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Friday, June 25, 2010

Favorite Accessory Tag

Hello there~!

Today's a tag article again XD
This time I was tagged by Elisa, who actually created this tag heehee :P Thanks for tagging me~

x Take one picture of yourself with one of your favorite accessory and post it on your blog
x In your post, mention the person who gave it to you
x Tag 5 people
x Let these 5 people know that you've tagged them by leaving a comment on their blog

So... my favorite accessory?
Honestly I'm not a big accessory person XDD ... although I want to be -___-
I always like the heavy accessory look/style... but I'm just lazy -__-;;; and I don't like how bracelets dangle (I've broken a couple cuz they always get caught on something!) or how rings just feel really awkward on my fingers... XD I don't even change my earrings every day 囧
But there is this one necklace that I've been wearing for 6 years ^^~
It's given to me by a my mom's best friend, a non-related "auntie" (like we call the older/ middle-aged woman auntie (阿姨, ah-yi), if it helps you understand better, like "obasan" in Japanese? ^^"). She and I are very close, she's like my second mom and she treats me like her own daughter :) she gave this to me when I moved to the States. So I always wear this because it's special and meaningful to me :)
Other than that...
My current favorite earrings will be these... (haha cuz they're my most recent purchase!)
:) that's it!

And I tag!!
1. Bunny
2. Hardcore Makeup Junkie
3. Abby
4. Phoebe
5. projectvee

I try to tag more new ppl... as well as some old ones :P
And if you see this and want to do it... DO IT!! :D :D :D

Have a great weekend guys~ :)

<3 Frances


  1. Aww.... The necklace is so beautiful, even though it's so simple~

    The earrings are cute... I need to get more bow accessories !! Dx hehe

  2. like this earrings^^ so cute

  3. thank you francesss for doing the tag =D and i like the cute earrings ^^


    btw. join my give away :)

  4. Your necklace is really cute :)

  5. oo, thank you for the tag ;) You're soo sweet :D

  6. Hey Frances,

    Yes, everything is supposed to be on the right. XDD I've never tried doing something like this before so wanted to try it~ It does look weird on widescreens though, with a big blank space on the left.

    Thanks for visiting my blog too, you are the first commenter EVER lmao~

  7. omg frances why are u so adorable?!

    space alien says thank u~!

  8. Hi Frances,

    Ooh.... I so totally get what you mean when you were explaining about your "auntie" coz we do that in Singapore too. As long as the person is older than us like a generation, we'll address them as "uncle" and "auntie". Not many people understand this esp the Caucasians.

    Your ribbon earrings reminds me of my ribbon ring. Same pearl style. I love accessories soooo much but sometimes, I feel like a walking xmas tree with them clinging clanging all about. And I hardly ever change my ear studs. I wear them to sleep, to bathe etc. Only on days when I wanna doll up do I change my earrings.


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