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Saturday, June 12, 2010

How to prevent makeup from smudging (6/19 Updated)

Hey everyone =)

So I think how to prevent makeup from smearing is a topic that will never cease XD Especially being Asian my skin type and eye shape really make my makeup prone to smearing than other races =T I have been wearing makeup consistently for the past like 3-4 years? Not that long compared to a lot of ppl I know XD 
But here are my personal tips that have helped me... I know this will be a long article but please bear with me and I actually DO have different things to share than the general advice vids from other makeup gurus lol!!

I am going on focus on eye makeup smearing (eyeliner smudging/coming off and eyeshadow creasing) cuz that's my main issue and focus. I'm not that experienced when it comes to other parts of the face lol but I will put up some advice from other gurus =)

Few things to bear in mind when it comes to makeup-smearing:

1. Quality of makeup itself
- Go for waterproof stuff. Finding a good eyeliner is VERY important. It is kind of in vain to do all the work if the eyeliner itself sucks lol. Now eyeliner works differently for everyone so you will just need to try and find something that suits you best. I'd recommend Bobbi Brown, MAC fluidine blacktrack (**I'd stick with blacktrack when it comes to MAC cuz I found that their formula for different colors is very inconsistent... I have one in purple and it doesn't stay AT ALL**), Stila smudgepot and Buxom (for more info please refer to my eyeliner reviews

2. Prepping your eyelids
-  Find a good eye shadow primer that actually works for you. For example, everyone raves about Urban Decay Primer Potion... no offense there but that primer doesn't do crap for me, haha.

3. Things to avoid
basically things that would make your eyes water should be prevented... for examples....
- Avoid products that contain high SPF around your eyes (I'd say within 20 is safer). Having products that contain SPFs around your eyes/on your eyelids is likely to make your eyes water under bright light/sunlight.
- If your mascara flakes and falls into your eyes(especially those ones that are promoting length), you can prevent so/minimize it by applying an extra coat of clear lash gel.
- I'd say keep your waterline clear of anything if you don't want any smearing/eye-watering
- Liquid eyeliner always makes my eyes water!!! Especially when I'm outdoors in the sun (like I will be fine indoors lol isn't that weird) I have no idea why, maybe it's just the formula (setting with eye shadow doesn't help me. I've even tried putting on gel liner first then use liquid eyeliner over it... still made my eyes water 0_0 ). If you have the same problem, avoid liquid eyeliner on the outer corner of your eye, as well as the bottom line.  Replace with gel liner to do the wing/cat-eye, as well as the bottom liner. Or you should just avoid liquid eyeliner like I do lol.
- If you like to mist your face (with MAC Fix+, Evian Spray, Vitamin E Spray what have you), avoid your eye area. Shield your eyes when you mist your face. I found that when I just close my eyes and mist my whole face, my eyes tend to get irritated.
4. Makeup Shelf Life
- Makeup has shelf life too lol. So if you've had your beloved eyeliner for a while and it hasn't been working great that means you need to get a new one :) Usually the shelf life of eyeliner is 6 months-12 months afer opening, you can check the container.

5. Most basically, start out with a fresh, clean face!
- "Painting" on a oily/dirty canvas is just not gonna work, so wash your face and moisturize thoroughly so your face doesn't get irritated later on lol. A comfortable face holds up makeup better

How I prevent my eyeliner from smudging

1. Foundation helps!
I don't know how many of you out there are like me who doesn't like to do full face application
I noticed when I use foundation all over my face, my makeup almost doesn't smear at all.
when I apply a very very thin layer of foundation around my eyes (thinner than your face application-- or else it'd crease on your folds!) I found that my eye makeup smears less.
***make sure the foundation is matte finish formula*** or at least set with face powder***

2. primer
- a good eye shadow primer not only prevents eye shadow from creasing, but it also helps eyeliner from smearing
- when applying, use just enough. I found when I apply a thick layer hoping for better results the effect is opposite.

3. Set eyeliner with eye shadow
That's what all makeup gurus say lol!
For me I like to put eyeshadow on first, then eyeliner (instead of the usual eyeliner, then set with eye shadow). This works a bit better for me. :P
(or you can even do primer- eye shadow- eyeliner- eye shadow again. I've done it before but it tends to make my eye really dry [because you're using the dry eye shadow to dry up the products twice if that makes sense]. Plus too many steps so I always got lazy to do it XD)

How to prevent eyeshadow from creasing
- find a good primer that works for you
-Urban Decay Primer Potion and MAC paintpot didn't do the trick for me: my eyeshadow still creases where my eyelid folds
a MAC artist told me to apply a layer of each and it helped her-- I haven't tried yet because I found the right primer :) (bareMinerals primer does the trick).  So the important thing here is to find something that works for you

Face Liquid foundation
-Always wash your face before to get rid of residing oils on your face
-Properly moisturize and WAIT until products are absorbed
-Prime your face if it helps(personally don't feel a difference and primers tend to make me break out)
-Set with loose powder (makes the biggest difference!)

cream blush+ set with powder blush (personally never had a problem with blushes so I've never actually done this ^^)

- Use warm wet towel to gently rub your lips to get rid of dead/thick lip cells to prevent feathering
- moisturize and wait till products are absorbed
-line your lips
- apply lipstick and gloss
- use a similar eyeshadow to set (never tried this step but all the gurus said this makes your lip products stay forever lol)

In a very rought conclusion, the very basic principles for preventing makeup from smearing include...
1. Provide a clean, oil-free canvas for longer-lasting makeup application.
2. Set fluids/gels/creams with powder (to dry up the products)

WOW this was super duper long. But I hope it helps some of you :)

<3 Frances


  1. omg soooo helpful!
    Thank you for all the awesome tips ^^

  2. This is soo helpful! You have some good tips! I'm going to try putting eyeshadow before lining my eyes to see if that works better for me and try putting a clear coat of mascara on top of my mascara. =]

  3. @Bunny: heehee thank YOU! :)

    @Leenda: I hope it works on you! :) everyone's different and sometimes I have good or bad days you know lol but they usually work. Btw you can even do eyeshadow -> eyeliner -> eyeshadow lol. Done it before it kind of makes my eyes dry though (and too many steps so I just don't do it anymore hahaha XD)


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