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Monday, June 28, 2010

Foundation reviews

 Hi hi!

So this is a comprehensive review I did a while back... but I updated some info so I thought I'd repost it :) All the foundations I've used/owned :D

1. Make Up For Ever HD Foundation

Price: $40

Volume: 30ml or 1.01 fl. oz.
Finish: matte

- Spectacular range of shades! I think they have 24 shades with different tones, like peachy/rosey or more yellow undertone.
- Very good coverage. Buildable but will look too heavy if you apply too much.
- stays well for me ** However I know a lot of gurus said this foundation has horrible staying power

- The pump SUCKS. It's like a "all-or-nothing" pump (haha reminds me of neuron firing... uhhh sorry... nerdiness kicking in again)... sometimes I just need a little bit more to touch up but the pump just doesn't allow me to do it... it'll just squirt out another pump of foundation that is enough for another face application :( if they fix the pump I think it's perfect.

- A little bit dry to work with, so if I'm using a foundation brush I always have to wet it first. But this foundation is great using your fingers cuz it really helps with blending (however using fingers gives you thicker coverage).

Will I go back to buy it?: No. I only use this foundation for tutorials, and occasionally for night-outs, because this foundation for me is too thick for every day use, and it actually breaks me out. So I figure 40 bucks is not worth it ^^;;

2. Bobbi Brown Smooth Skin Foundation

Price: $40 (Although I got mine at The Cosmetics Company Store for $28)

Volume: 30 ml or 1 fl. oz

My shade: Biege 3

Finish: matte

- Easy to blend
- Natural coverage

- I HATE the packaging! I feel like it's easy to contaminate. If I dip my brush/sponge in it then it's too much, so I'll always have to wipe my brushes on the back of my hand to get the excess off.
- I don't really like it cuz it just looks powdery on my face...
- It does slip and slide, so you will need to set it with powder

Will I go back to buy it?: Nope! (But I'm willing to try other Bobbi Brown foundations that have pumps :P)


3. Missha Perfect Cover B. B Cream

Price: I can't remember... I got it on e-Bay. I think it was under 15 bucks.

Volume: 30 ml

My shade: I got it in 23 which was a mistake, I should've got #21

Finish: matte

- Good coverage
- Smells really nice!
- It's supposed to have skin benefits that help heal your blemishes while you wear it... which totally doesn't work for me cuz it makes me break out (so ironic haha).

- Feels heavy on my skin.
- If I use my fingers to apply it, it makes my pores look HUGE. So I have to use sponge or stippling brush.
- For this specific line, there are only 2 shades.  

Will I go back to buy it?: Nope! (Although I know a lot of people rave about this...)

4. Givenchy Photo'Perfexion


Price: $44

Volume: 25ml

My shade: Perfect Honey

Finish: Dewy

- Most moisterizing foundation I've used so far.
- Dewy finish makes my skin look super healthy :)
- Smells AMAZING! You can totally smell the Givenchy-ness ;)
- Sheer coverage (if you're looking for super good coverage this is NOT for you). But it's buildable!
- I LOVE the pump!!!! You have 100% control over the amount you want. If all the pumps are like this... sigh.

- I've tried it in Perfect Gold (for medium olive complexions with neutral undertones) and Perfect Honey (for medium complexions with yellow undertones) and for some reason they all in my opinion have an orangey undertone... even when it's supposed to be yellow or neutral.

Will I go back to buy it?:  If I don't find another foundation that is as good then yes (cuz it's $44 for 25ml -___- so pricey!) I think it's a great foundation for everyday because it's sheer and very moisturizing. But I need to find a better shade. The people who work at Sephora aren't very helpful =_=

5. bareMinerals SPF 15 Matte Foundation

Price: $28

Volume: 6g or 0.2 oz

My shade: 1G, light

Finish: matte

- Has natural ingredients :)
- Good coverage
- This is actually my go-to product... because usually I just need coverage for the redness around/on my nose, and it's just really easy and fast to use, plus it absorbs excess oil off my nose XD Not so well for the rest of the face though.

- Doesn't stay on well for the rest of the face
- Will look uneven if your face gets oily by the middle of the day
- I also want to add if you want to mix this foundation with lotion to double it up as a liquid foundation... well this foundation powder doesn't mix very well for me. So I wouldn't recommend it if you're thinking about that.

Will I go back to buy it?: Maybe. But I still have a lot left XD

6. MAC Mineralize SPF 15 Foundation/Loose

Price: $29.5 (I got mine at The Cosmetics Company Store for $20.75)

Volume: 8g/0.3 oz

My shade: Light

Finish: Matte

Pros/Cons: I'm just gonna say it's very comparable to the bareMinerals one, except in my opinion bareMinerals is wayyy legit. This MAC one's staying power is not as well, and the coverage is not as good.
Will I go back to buy it?: NO

Please note that it's all my personal opinion :) what works for me might not work with you, or vice versa. I remember I was so excited when I got the B.B cream because a lot of ppl were raving about it... but I honestly don't like it. So you just have to try things out and find something that works best for you.

Right now my favorite would be The Givenchy for every day, because I'm huge on moisturizing.
MUFE is my favorite go-to when taking pictures (contains no SPF).

That's it! Thanks for reading :)

<3 Frances

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