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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dolly Wink (Koji) Brown Pencil Eyeliner Review

Hello everyone ^__^

So here we are again with Dolly Wink products ^_~ (hope you guys won't get sick of it cuz I still have a lot of Dolly Wink stuff to write on hahaha~)

So along with the liquid eyeliner, I also got the brown pencil eyeliner. I was very skeptical about this because pencil liners can never measure up to gel liners in my opinion, but now I'm beginning to think that I might be wrong =P

By the way I want to add that, I used Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner on a friend today, and it smeared on her :( well not smear, it just sort of disappears off the outer corner of her eye... so I guess it really depends on your skin type/lid type =( just wanna throw that out there.

Okay here's the brown pencil =)
It doesn't say on the packaging, but on JpMon it says it's waterproof
by the way apparently there's a special limited edition of the brown eyeliner with different packaging, if you're interested in seeing it, click here. It's more expensive... so for me, save money comes first ╮(‵▽′)╭

Here's the brown pencil liner
I got mine on JpMon for about $11 USD
It looks blunt cuz I didn't sharpen it yet..

How it looks on me
The color representation for these pictures are pretty accurate. So as you can see it's a very pretty rich brown
However the brown is a little bit lighter than I anticipated
By the way my eyes look shimmery because I applied an eye shadow base

I like to layer the upper lash line with a black gel liner or liquid eyeliner cuz I think the brown is a bit too light for upper lash line
In these pics I layered it with Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner. I would usually prefer to layer gel liner over it so it's more natural, but I just happened to grab a liquid liner that day XD
- Without a good base, this pencil eyeliner doesn't actually smear too badly on me! Kind of like how gel liner would smear on me with even with a base. But with a good base, man this pencil hardly smears on me at all! I'm officially in love with this pencil >_<
*** When I say smearing I'm only talking about the smearing on the outer corner of my eye... I don't have any smudging problem other than that area***

- The formula is creamy but not too creamy (if you know what I mean lol!!!)  It is creamy enough that it doesn't tug on my eyelid at all, but it's not too creamy that it doesn't mush when I apply. I've used some pencil eyeliner that advertises for extreme creaminess/glide-on-ness, I don't like these at all cuz they're too creamy it'd just mush and bits would fall off! This eyeliner has the right amount of creaminess =D <3 <3 <3 applies very smoothly

- Major drawback of this eyeliner: It goes super fast!!!!!!!!!! I have to sharpen it like after 2 or 3 uses... no exaggeration there. Or else it becomes too blunt to work with :( I wish they'd come up with the twisted kind.
But other than that I really don't have anything negative to say about this eyeliner ^__^ has definitely become my new favorite and I have been using it religiously lol!

-by the way I prefer this pencil eyeliner to the liquid one

So being very impressed with the brown pencil liner, I went ahead and ordered 1 more brown pencil liner for backup and 2 black pencil liner (aiya I know I know >_<)
(I'm never the backup kind of girl... so... I really really love this >_< heehee)

I just got my black pencil liner a day ago so I'm still testing it out ^__^ will review it once I got a solid feel for it.

The reason why I'm doing separate reviews on black and brown pencil liners is all of you eyeliner junkies out there will know... different pigmentation yields different formula and does NOT give equal results... I hope this black pencil liner won't let me down!

I hope some of you find this review helpful ^__^

Will be back soon with more Dolly Wink products =D

<3 Frances


  1. OOOOOOOooooo!!! I like this one too!! ( I know I know, I love everything you review)
    But I seriousely like this brown! Its so natural and nice! It would be perfect for natural makeup and use the eyelashes with this!!! I love it!

  2. Dolcebunny is right! the brown is nice and natural looking! post a pic of your pretty face with it!

  3. Awesome! Looks like a really great natural brown. I would've worn it on the bottom lash line too. That's what I do to my brown eyeliners that are not "brown" enough. lol hahah

  4. would love to try the black pencil once =( they don't sell dolly wink here!! boehoe

  5. awe thanks for the review, I've been thinking about buying this ^^

  6. Replies
    1. thanks for stopping by :D glad you enjoyed it ^_^


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