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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Melliesh Eye Shadow Liner Set Review

Hello hello!

So I decided to switch it up and do a review on a Melliesh product instead so I wouldn't bore you all with all the Dolly-Wink-ness XD

What is Melliesh?

It's a brand created by Popteen/Popsister model, Kanno Yui (菅野結以)
She's one of my favorites ^__^ so pretty.

So I decided to give the eye shadow liner set a try (eyeliner junkie over here... haha)
Again, I got mine from JpMon
I paid about $22 for it (although I just realized there's a sale T__T it's about $20 on the site now)

it says it can be used both wet or dry
Here are the eyeshadow liner and the brush!

The brush is short and small, here's how it compares to KATE eyeliner brush
- The brush quality is AMAZING. I'm continually impressed by Japanese drugstore brush quality, seriously, so so so so soft... great brush! Even better than KATE I'd say. As good as my beloved Hakuhodo eyeliner brush that's how good it is... (although with shorter bristles lol)

Here's the eyeshadow liner!

- The shadow has a silky texture. It's pretty pigmented (although I won't say it's the blackest, which I don't mind), and very easy to apply as an eyeliner because of the silky and smooth texture.
- This shadow doesn't have any fall-outs (even when used dry), which is awesome!

Used wet:

Used dry:
Personally don't find the wet/dry application to be too different XD as you can see in the pics, you can hardly tell the difference.

Unfortunately this product smeared on my eyes even with my best base on :( This is the most expensive purchase out of all the other stuff I bought, but also the most disappointing.

That's all! I hope some of you find this review helpful :)

<3 Frances


  1. Awwww,,,, too bad that it didn't work that well :( But it looks so nice! I've never heard of wet and dry eyeliner.
    THank you for reviewing it. Hopefully someone buys it off you!! > <;;

  2. Bummer that this didn't work out! I hate buying eyeliners that smearrrr. Worst thing everrr. The pink packaging on this is really cute though. =]

  3. I gave you a blogger award! check it out on my blogg <3


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