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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dolly Wink Nail Polishes Review

Hello hello!

How's everyone??? :) Hope you guys are doing great! Almost done with the Dolly Wink series, hang in there XD
I want to thank everyone who commented on my last post =) you guys are so nice >_< I haven't got around to replying yet but I will =D

Today's post is gonna be two other Dolly Wink products... just decided to combine them since they're in the same category.

So being impressed by the Dolly Wink eye products, I decided to give the nail polishes a go since I was lusting after the colors XP

I want to start off by saying my knowledge for nail polishes on a scale of 1 to 10 is probably only 2 XD I'm not really a nail person because I have very weak nails, if I paint them they would break so easily... for that reason I rarely paint my nails. So anyway, my judgments for what makes a good/bad nail polish might not be that great XD just want to throw that out there.

Okay okay enough of my rambling, let's start =D

Again, I got my Dolly Wink products from JpMon
I paid around $7 USD for each nail product
I don't know why but of all the colors, I really wanted to try the green one >_< my next purchases would probably be blue and purple :P The one on the right is nail-protecting base coat. I have wanted a base coat for a while now since my nails break so easily with the lack of protection

Look how cute it is! there's a bow on the top!

My first thought upon seeing these nail products was... what the heck they're so tiny?!?!?!?! O__O
How they're compared to O.P.I.... -___- like itsy bitsy...
The Sephora OPI contains 15ml of products, while Dolly Wink 4.5ml... so it's relatively expensive for this little amount of product! (My bad though... didn't check the content before I purchased lol)

However the tiny size makes them extra adorable ≧﹏≦ they're just so so cute... I wish they were cheaper...

The bottle is tiny, but the applicator is huge XD
I'd say it's a bit wider and more rigid than the Sephora OPI one. It has a very plastic-y feel to it

So first let's talk about the nail-protecting base <( ̄︶ ̄)/

- I really really like this base! It dries up super fast, like within seconds (before I even knew it lol!)
- Gives a smooth surface
- It does its job (so far I've been wearing this for 1 week and a half). My nails haven't cracked/split yet, which is like a miracle to me, cuz I have the weakest nails ever. Usually I'd be happy if my nails last 1 week without breaking after wearing nail polish lol. It also makes my nails feel stronger (less bendy?)
- I really like it and if it continues to work this well until the end of this month, I will be repurchasing it ^__^

Next onto the green nail polish!

- Deeply impressed by the base coat... I'm a bit disappointed in the nail polish formula
- The formula is relatively dry and thick, like dryer than the OPI one, I kind of wish the formula is runnier
- It is very opaque though! However I had to apply two coats because with only one coat, it doesn't apply evenly
- Takes FOREVER to dry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Urgh the dry/thick formula doesn't bother me as much as this! I painted my nails while I was watching a movie, and after the movie was over, the nail polish still dented a bit when I touch things! the heck?!?!??!??? I think part of the reason though is that I have to apply pretty thick layer
- For me it lasts about 2 days before starting to visibly chip (is that good or bad?) However I do wash dishes and cook and do other house chores almost every day, so that might be why

Here's a video I made for you guys so you can see the products in action for yourself =D I tried keeping the video as short as possible!

So overall I'm not super sure about the nail polishes... I mean I really really love the colors... like I'm seriously in love with the color, but the slow-drying formula just really bothers me, it's like I cannot do anything for at least 30min to an hour when I paint my nails with Dolly Wink, so I'm hesitant about purchasing more (but maybe I will just because I love the colors so much lol!)

Hope you guys found this review helpful =D

<3 Frances


  1. Why don't you try and find a dupe instead of trying work with a crappy formula? That being said... I really, really love the mint colour too! It's funny that you reviewed that colour because when I first saw Dolly wink polishes, I immediately fell in love with the mint too.

  2. lol I like how you're listening to justin beiber in the video. hahaha That sucks that they take forever to dry! I was so surprised to see the size in comparison to OPI! I was like whaaaa?! I like the packaging though. They look like jewels. =]

  3. nice review :) i've been curious about Dolly Wink nail polishes ^^ if only the green one wasn't streaky! the bottle are really pretty and it was great to hear you talk again :D "aiyahhh" haha

  4. in reply to your comment: yep i requested the samples from here http://iheartkoreanbeauty.blogspot.com/p/free-gifts-and-samples.html and i just emailed them at iheartkoreanbeauty@yahoo.com

    i only had to pay for the shipping :) hope you can get the samples too! would love to read your reviews ^^

  5. The packaging is so cute but wow, those bottles are tiny! Glad to hear the base coat worked out but sorry to hear about the polish being slow drying. (The color is pretty though!) Did you use a top coat? Seche Vite is nice if you want to try one. :)

    (Yep, it's Moisture Surge! I am on my second jar and really liking it. Give it a try! :)

    LOL! you're sooo cute!

    Love the color but it is kinda "thick" but if it takes that long to dry than... hmmm... plus so small... hmmm.... Loving the color but not so much the over all i guess. Great review though!
    the base coat looks awesome though!

    and you're super awesome :D

  7. cuteeee colorsss ^^ !!!!!! I really want to green one =(

  8. in reply to your comment: yep i requested the samples from here http://iheartkoreanbeauty.blogspot.com/p/free-gifts-and-samples.html and i just emailed them at iheartkoreanbeauty@yahoo.com

    i only had to pay for the shipping :) hope you can get the samples too! would love to read your reviews ^^

  9. Hi!!
    could you make a rewiew about Lioele Princess Nail Color??

  10. Hello!

    Ummm unfortunately I don't own any Lioele nail polishes and I'm not planning to purchase any... I'm sorry :T


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