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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mini Sephora Haul

Hiya bloggies!

So today I have a little haul to share with you guys. I took advantage of the VIB 20% off at Sephora a little while back and purchased a few things ^__^

By the way, Sephora let me return the Dior tinted moisturizer without a receipt O_O (I decided I really don't like it much at all lol!) I was like woahh really?! I got store credit instead. Thank you Sephora for your generous return policy mT___Tm

Moving on! XD

1. Sephora NAILS nail polish remover
Price: $9 for 4.22 fl.oz. (they also have a smaller size, as well as a travel one)

I bought this because I read from a fellow blogger that this nail polish remover is very gentle and moisturizing, and I had been using this crap nail polish remover that I bought at the drugstore that really stings and dries out my cuticles, so I decided to give this a try :)

- acetone free (although still smells like acetone to me for some reason...) with added vitamin E and macadamia oil
- doesn't dry out my hands :) might be a bit oily for some ppl though
- very gentle, perhaps take a second or more to remove nail polishes than other acetone-containing products, but it does the job so I don't mind it (it stings if you have a wound.... obviously... still chemicals lol).
- I really like it :)

2. Anastasia Tweezer
Price: $28
I keep the plastic cap thing to protect the tweezers. The SA warned me not to drop the tweezers because the metal part might bend or dull, so I figured it'd be safer to keep the cap on the tweezers at all times lol

Honestly I never thought I'd see the day where I'd spend soo much on a tweezer... but I'm so SICK and TIRED of buying cheap drugstore tweezers that only work 1 or 2 times before they become too dull to grasp fine, stray brow hairs. Ugh. The amount of tweezers I've gone through is probably worth 2 of this tweezer already, I decided it was time to invest in a good one.

- This tweezer is very sharp and works really really well even after many use. I love it :)

3. Givenchy Hot Couture Perfume
Price varies from the size you get :)
Isn't it beautiful? XD
the ingredients... hopefully it'd make more sense to you guys than it does to me XD I'm not very good at describing scents

Notes: Raspberry Dew, Jasmine, Bergamot, White Musk. 
Style: Confident. Flirtatious. Elegant. (I think it says it very well :P)

I've been lusting after this perfume ever since a good friend of mine showed me this XD it smells so amazing that I've been wearing it almost every day even if I'm just staying home XD just puts me in a really good mood when I smell it :)

I've been really liking musky scents lately :P to me, Hot Couture is sexy, sophisticated, yet young. (Although a friend who knows a lot more about perfume told me this scent to her is very very youthful XD)

Another perfume that I want to buy in the future will be the Chanel Chance in the pink bottle :P
I didn't buy it this time because the style of that perfume is more similar to all my other perfumes XD (on the sweet girly side haha) next time when there's a sale again XD

What are your favorite perfumes??? =DD

<3 Frances


  1. nice haul! i haven't tried the sephora nail polish remover, but i know what you mean by crappy ones >_<

    the anastasia tweezer looks like the tweezerman ones.. they are both sharp.. i used to have drugstore ones and replace them every so often, but i've had my tweezerman for awhile and i actually really love it.. =)

  2. I haven't racked up enough points to be VIB :X I wish I could have special discounts like that lol!

    Nice haul! I like how the sephora nail polish remover doesn't make your hands feel so cold like regular nailpolish removers. Need to get the full-sized when I finish my regular acetone nailpolish remover!

    Oo perfume recommendations! On my wish-list it goes ^__^

  3. I'm currently using DKNY Be delicious in pink blossoms. Really really really LOVE IT MAX! My friend got it for me saying she loved the scent and thought I would too and she was rite! Recently, discovered more and more people liking it too.

    I love Lancome Miracle too but i think the sunlight got to my bottle when I put it on my table and now the smell is so spicy. I'm not too sure if my nose has since gotten used to the smell that it changed or it's really due to the sunlight. I stopped using it even though I've got 3/4 bottle left. When I first smelt it, I thought it has this soft elegant scent that isn't too overpowering yet really lasting. It was also raved about on a forum which led me to purhase it.

  4. I love the tweezer since my little sister own one and she lost it like 3 times and I think this is her 4th one =__=

  5. hi again!

    the tweezerman used to be only sold at sephora i think.. but i've seen them at drugstores now.. like CVS! they are pretty "pricey" .. around $20 compared to regular cheapy tweezers that are $5 or less.. but if you do decide to try them, try CVS or other drugstores.. that way, if you have Extra Care Bucks, you can use them to get the best deal..

  6. I don't have Chanel Chance, but I have a sample and it smells pretty good! You got some awesome stuff at Sephora. =] I like both the nail polish remover and the tweezer.

  7. Glad to hear that you were able to return it! That is such a good policy I think!

    I don't know but I never had problems with tweezers... I honestly like my 5 year old cheap made in china tweezers and have done me well! But hopefully you wont have to buy anymore tweezers!

    Never smelled that Givenchy perfume before! I'm a die hard fan of Ferragamo perfumes so probably that is why I haven't tried that. Will go to the DFS to see what it's like :D


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