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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Versatile Blogger Award

Hi hi!
Heehee so I decided to take a break from reviews and do this blog award/tag post... =P I've done a similar one before but I can't even remember what I wrote lol so why not! Feel free to skip it if you're not interested.

Thank you, BuNnyLuVeRz for giving me this award ^__^


To accept the Versatile Blogger Award there are some rules to follow:

1. Thank and link back to who gave you the award.
2. Share seven things about yourself.
3. Pass it along to seven blogs you've recently discovered and enjoy.
4. Leave your recipients a note, telling them about the award.

So seven random things about me...

1. I'm a gum and lip balm junkie XD seriously, you won't see me go anywhere without these two items =P I always have these two items in every one of my bag. It's funny because I once dug out a purse that I haven't used in 4 years and still found a pack of gum and a lip balm in it XD

2.  I'm really short... so short that sometimes ppl don't even see me! O_O I once got knocked over on campus when this tall guy swung his backpack over his shoulder cuz he didn't even see me... the other sad thing is he didn't even notice he just KO an Asian girl until ppl around asked me if I was okay and told him he just hit someone with his bag =_=... stories like this happened more than once during my 4 years in college... orz....
PS. ever since I started bloggin/following youtube gurus I realized there are so many petite girls out there =D and that makes me so happy yayyy!!! (I've only met 3 other girls my age who are shorter than me my entire life...)

3. I love sriracha sauce O_O must have when eating ramen XD
My GIGANTIC bottle of sriracha sauce hahaha

the soup looked red because I added a bunch of sriracha in there lol

4. I love potatoes!!! I don't think I'd ever turn down anything that's made of potatoes... LOL

5. Biology, Sociology, and Psychology were my favorite subjects when I was an undergrad. Chemistry and Physics were my least favorite =_=

6.I LOVE sea food =D the sad thing about living in CO is sea food is super expensive T__T
I made shrimp =D

wow I just realized half of the random things about me were about food =_= think it's cuz I'm hungry... (why am I always hungry?!)

7. I just got a bunny three months ago! His name is Boba and he is 4 months old now ^__^ (that makes him an adult already by the way.... don't ask me how I know O_O)

Meet my bunny Boba ^___^

He's the cutest thing ever ^__________^
Special shout-out to Bunny (Natsumi-chan!) and BunnyLuverz and all the other bunny lovers out there :D

But man I'm astonished at how destructive this tiny creature is... seriously... I fear those two little teeth... they can chew through anything O_O

 Some of Boba's pictures (:

sleeping!!! XD LMAO so cute
I call this bunny burrito... LOL. he was chilling in the chew toy thingy

Bunny likes to lie in my bed

This was Boba when he was 1 month old... he was the size of my palm then
by the way he was being grounded when I took this pic lol... the ground part of the whole parenting thing never worked out though I seriously don't understand how Americans do it

Okay gonna stop here I'm turning this into a bunny post XD

I tried to make that as interesting as I could >_< I give this award to all the bloggers out there ^_____^ and I'm not gonna do the tagging since I haven't discovered much new bloggers @@  but feel free to do it if you want =D

Rock on and BLOG on everyone!!

<3 Frances

PS: here's my take 1 fail video of meeting Boba video...


  1. Ahwww bobo is cuteeee xD!! you should make more videos =D

  2. Haha, LOVE BUNNIES <3 I just got one home like a week ago and she's the bomb : D So cute!

    Oh, nice tag - but didn't you forget the last half of the 'rules' to accept it? : P

  3. omygosh ty for these boba video and pictures! i luv luv them hahah =3. im short too * sniff* i never got hit by a bag and not been noticed b4 tho omygosh lol. thats crazy too me.. i hope you didnt get hurt at all! i do get picked on a lot hahah ppooop..

  4. lol I can't believe you got KOed by some dude's backpack! That's so messed up bc he didn't even know! hahah I'm pretty short too. I'm like only 5 ft. =( I love potatoes too! Boba is so cute! Esp when Boba was crawling on your back. hahah FAILLLL Don't worry my life revolves around food too. hahaha

  5. OMG I'm in love with your rabbit LMAO x) soooo cute! Your first take to introduce Bobo is funny lol

    wanna huuuuuuuuuuuuuuug!!!!
    all the pics are sooo cute!!!
    *steals* lol
    what in the world is sricha sauce?!
    i wanna try~!

  7. awww so cute!! i want a pet ^^
    i tagged you in my latest post which is this one but you can read my 7 facts about me and what i said about you <3 http://jlyxoxo.blogspot.com/2010/11/versatile-blogger-award.html

  8. Hey Frances!

    I'm too lazy to do it piece by piece so I just cover my head/hair with the foil, I think it does the same thing.

    I don't mind but thank you for telling me beforehand!~

    Haha I know, but all the charisma gal models are going dark chocolate brown. lol! xx

    Also your bunny is super cute, dunno how you can manage owning one though. I had a dwarf last year & the amount of pee & poop from such a lil thing.. Scared me. The pee reeks =/

    But good luck with your hair! xx

  9. boba is so cute and fluffy! :D

    wow i like a lot of those things too! potatoes (love!)..seafood (not really fish though b/c i'm afraid of bones LOL)..sriracha (i don't eat it that often but i love it with pho)

  10. Hahaha... I learn lots of new things about you. I was laughing at the one where you got hit by backpack and not just once some more. Your ramen soup makes me crave for ramen again. Been craving a lot for ramen. I've never heard of the sauce before despite loving to eat ramen.

    Boba looked like he just hopped out of an Enid Blyton's book or some other fairy tail. Exactly like those brown fluffy innocent looking rabbits! He looks so cute on your bed! The way he's sitting looks like a hare! I used to have a rabbit which was a hare. Hahaha... she's called shuang shuang coz she got double eyelids (shuang yan pi) with fluttery lashes when you see her upclose. She also chews on wires whenever we let her roam free in the house. Luckily, she doesn't pee everywhere. I replied you on comment page so do check back and I updated a new post! Whee!


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