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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dolly Wink (Koji) Liquid Eyeliner Review

What is "Dolly Wink"?

It's a brand that is created by the collaboration between a very popular Japanese model, Tsubasa Masuwaka (益若つばさ), and Koji.

Tsubasa Masuwaka

To be honest, I had no idea who Tsubasa-san is before Dolly Wink came out lol! But after seeing the packaging of Dolly Wink, I decided to give in and give it a try O_O (yes, sucker for packaging right here!)

Anyway, I wasn't gonna try the liquid eyeliner since I read mixed reviews, and liquid eyeliners never worked for me (they always make my eyes water in the sunlight for some reason O_O) but I'm really glad I tried it ^__^

I got mine from JpMon.com
I paid around $15 for it

I really really like JpMon! It's a trusted Taiwanese website that sells only Japanese products. I like it because it doesn't overcharge products like some websites do. Still a bit more expensive than if you get it from the Taiwanese drugstore, but it's not bad (probably only different by 1 USD...). The shipping takes about one week (mostly because of custom check, otherwise it arrives US like within 2 days), and the shipping is very reasonable. The only drawback is that this website is in Chinese, so for non-Chinese/Taiwanese consumers it'd be difficult to shop. However if anyone is interested in buying from the website, I'm glad to translate ^__^ just let me know! 

Here's the eyeliner
Very small and slender
- as you can see, it has super fine tip

this is what it looks like on my eyes
- I applied it twice on each stroke to get this intensity, it's a nice black :)

my thoughts on this product:
- I'm really glad I tried it! it's the only liquid eyeliner I've tried that doesn't make my eyes water!
By the way, liquid eyeliner only makes my eyes water if I extend it further like shown in the pic above, for some reason that really irritates my eyes and my eyes would NOT stop watering until the liquid eyeliner's washed off -__-

- the black is buildable and is a nice black

- the eyeliner is easy to use and control. however the fine tip sometimes tickles my eyelid lol!

- the lasting power is good if I use it with the right base :) still smears a tiny bit on the outer corner of my eye but really isn't bad. Once wear this eyeliner out for about 8 hours and there was only minimal smearing on the outer corner of my eye (but it also depends on how much you laugh/your eyes water) Although without a good base the corner will smear on me

- I'm not sure why when I read a bunch of reviews they all said it's not water-proof... well it is (if you look at the packaging picture, on the lower right corner of the package, the blue part says water and sweat proof). And I actually ran it under the faucet for a while and rub it gently, it didn't come off, so it's definitely water proof!

- drawback: no idea how long this thing is gonna last... I have a feeling it's gonna run out super quick. Also, If I curl my lashes after applying this eyeliner, some bits of eyeliner tends to be taken off with the eyelash curler so I will have to reapply it... 

 -Will I repurchase this? I think so =) ! Although I'm not  a big fan of liquid eyeliner for me it's still necessary to have one, and since this is the only one that doesn't make my eyes water, heck yes I'm sticking with it! =D

So moral of this story... still try things out cuz even if it doesn't work for others, it might work for you lol!

Hope you guys enjoy this review :)

<3 Frances


  1. hmm waterproof and smudge proof..maybe i should give try liquid liners instead of pencil liners lol

    it looks really nice. love the intensity :D a little to intense for me since i don't wear eyeliner often but still great nonetheless!

  2. I noticed a lot of bloggers (at least the ones that I read) really like Dolly Wink :) And it's great that you like it too!

    I was thinking of trying liquid eyeliner again... but didn't want to spend a lot so I've narrowed it down to L'oreal Lineaur Intense. If I like that one then I'll probably get myself a Dolly Wink to compare so thanks for the review :D!

    Does it take long to dry? Last time I tried using liquid (which was ages) it would smear all over my lid because I blinked too fast :( Since then I've stuck with pencil and gel.

  3. Hey love,

    I did my hair all by myself. I used Loreal Preference in UL 3 (Ultra Lightening Ash Brown) all I did was apply the dye & blow dry (hot air) for 10mins on the bottom half of my hair. then I covered my whole head with aluminium and blow dryed it for another 10mins for heat. The key is heat. But be super careful because blow drying can be very damaging.

    I hope this helps and makes sense, if not feel free to ask me more questions!

    Much love xx

  4. I've always wanted to try out this liquid eyeliner but after seeing that it still smears out abit, I am not too sure anymore. =s I have oily eyelids too. lol. But it is a lovely black colour though!

  5. I've been wanting this for soooo long! And this review just makes me want it more :D But it was always too expensive on online :( But $15 isn't bad! And I'll be able to practice my Chinese skills :p

  6. Nice review! I freaking love this too. =D

  7. not a big fan of liquid eye liner too either but definitely gonna give this a try! The fact that its smudge proof and water proof, its definitely a plus plus!!
    I guess curling your own eyelash first THAN applying eyeliner might help so you don't need to reapply it again! love the review! and you have such cute eyes ^---^

  8. I just got this too! I really like it! You'll probably see it on my blog too. lolol

  9. I've been wanting this for soooo long! And this review just makes me want it more :D But it was always too expensive on online :( But $15 isn't bad! And I'll be able to practice my Chinese skills :p


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