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Friday, November 5, 2010

I got a haircut =P

Hello hello my fellow bloggies!
How's everyone?? :) I hope everyone had a good week and is enjoying the weekend :D

Google was being very unfriendly and crashed last night so I couldn't update my blog -__- I seriously think Google needs to stop buying other Internet services cuz when it crashes, Youtube, for example, crashes too ╭∩╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭∩╮*you didn't see that hand gesture*

Anyway, I got a new haircut  last week  ○( ̄﹏ ̄)○ (about time...  after 7 months?)

front doesn't look that horrible cuz I cut my own bangs...

Layers were grown out and wayyy too long...

So this time I asked for straight bangs ╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭
not sure why, I think mainly just because I'm bored with my hair cuz I ALWAYS have side-swept bangs...

My hair dresser: What kind of straight bangs do you want? Do you like it more shaggy or blunt?
Me: Shaggy? Blunt?? ... What's the difference??? ╮( ̄▽ ̄")╭
(I had no idea there are different kinds of straight bangs... thought they're all the same XD so naive LOL@myself)

*hair dresser showed me some pictures of blunt/shaggy straight bangs*

blunt straight bangs!

shaggy straight bangs!

*Looked at the pictures*

Me: Shaggy fo sho!  ╮ˇ ω ˇ ╭



I colored my hair as well XD I was gonna grow out my black hair but it just looks too gross after the haircut with uneven colored pieces. I just used L'oreal, didn't want to spend the big bucks at the salon this time since last time I didn't feel like it's worth it... looks so red under this lighting T_T

I didn't use color protecting shampoo/conditioner for a few days so the color faded somewhat... -__- by the way I accidentally clicked the beauty function on my camera, that's why this picture looks so air-brushed... where are my freckles?! XD lol you all know my skin doesn't look like this hahahaha

Under different lighting
I didn't go crazy and only took 1 inch off this time, I wanted to keep the length since it's winter =D (last time I was nuts and took 3 inches off 囧)
layers are much better XD still longer than I'd like though... cuz my hair dresser said with straight bangs, short short layers are not advisable T__T guess that means I'm going back to side swept next time xD

Lol the texture looks so much better now

I gotta say though... straight bangs make me look shorter O__o just noticed that the other day when I looked into a full-length mirror (⊙_⊙)

For my next haircut though, I might want to try something really edgy ^__^
A friend showed me this video, and the girl with black/short/uneven haircut really caught my eye (mainly because she's the best dancer in this group XD but I really like her hair too!)

What do you guys think? =D

Have a great weekend guys!! <3

<3 Frances


  1. nice blog; ) ur photo is really fantastic !!!
    i like it :**

    follow me and write a comment if you want ! <3

    YOU LOOK SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!! and sexy! Loving the layers that they did and your bangs are just so cute!!! Love everything about it!!
    and lol, I never knew there was such thing as a beauty function and haha where are my freckles XD

    Either way I think you have lovely skin even without the beauty mode!!

    Loving the new loooooook XD

  3. I really like your haircut! When I was reading this post and you said you didn't know the difference between the bang type cuts I was thinking...hopefully she picks shaggy and you did! lol! I love your hair color too. I used to dye my hair back in high school, but I think it was too much for me to keep up with so I stopped. I don't know if it is the crazy compulsiveness in me or not, but I really hate when your actual hair color grows out and you have this ugly hair period of real/colored hair. It bothers me too much that that's why I don't dye my hair anymore. hahaha I can't stand it looking gross. Okay...enough crazy talk. lol

  4. Your new hair is very nice!!Shaggy bang is so nice.And the color is nice too:p

  5. It looks so good! And you definitely pull off straight bangs...some people just look hilarious O_o

  6. i like the new hair style!
    the layers are really cool and the colour is awesome!

  7. The shaggy straight bangs look nice on you =D

  8. You look great with your shaggy bangs! I love how the sides are slightly pointed and longer than the front bangs. I hope you know what I mean. Please maintain it if you can. Haha... It could be just me being biased coz I always loved such bangs, I just never knew it was called "shaggy". I always say "pointed pointed kind" and use a mixture of Mandarin and dialect to explain to the stylists the fringe I want. Sadly only a Japanese stylist in NYC (when I went there last dec) could cut exactly what I wanted. However, it was a hefty $30 or was it $50 USD just to cut the bangs and some sides. I'm pretty used to my country where cutting bangs could cost as little as SGD$4.50. I'm so mad when my usual stylist snipped too much of the sides few months back. I'm trying to grow them out like your sides now.

    BTW, my hair-stylist cum make up artist fren said that having such bangs brings attention to the eyes so doing the dolly or smokey looks help complement the style!

    You must try to use colour treatment shampoo or the colour would run very quickly. I personally like the blondish kinda colour after fading though but it can look a little dry.

  9. nice blog; ) ur photo is really fantastic !!!
    i like it :**

    follow me and write a comment if you want ! <3

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