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Friday, November 12, 2010

Dior Hydra Life Tinted Moisturizer Review

Hello hello!

OMFG I finally have heat at my apartment!!!! Turns out the thermostat was broken that's why it hasn't been on =_=  can't believe I've gone so many weeks without heat. BAH! It started snowing two days ago and I finally realized something was definitely wrong... the heat's GOTTA be ON by NOW. Anywayy.... I survived v( ̄﹏ ̄)v

So I've been wanting a tinted moisturizer for the longest time since winter's here! So I decided to try out this product:

Hydra Life Pro-Youth Skin Tint SPF 20


Price: $39 (However I used a coupon so I only paid around $31 for this =P)
Size: 1.7 oz.


So I first heard RaeView talk about the older version of this tinted moisturizer (HydrAction) in comparison to the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. To watch Rae's video review, click here. To see how Rae compares the old/new version of Dior tinted moisturizer (HydrAction vs. Hydra Life), click on her blog post here.

By the way I tried Laura Mercier before, but they don't have my shade T__T not at Sephora anyway

My thoughts on this product:

- Coverage is on the heavier side for a tinted moisturizer, for me the coverage is almost like a foundation (not as good obviously lol!)

- Very easy to blend

- smells so good >_<

- Needs to be set with powder!! Or else WILL slip and slide

- There are only 3 shades available at Sephora. I got mine in 1, which is the lightest, but it's still a bit dark for me (has a slightly orange tint too)

- It is pretty hydrating and comfortable to wear

- I suggest NOT using a moisturizer under this. I found if I moisturize my face before this, I have to wait for a relatively long time to make sure my moisturizer is totally absorbed before I can apply this tinted moisturizer, otherwise it will flake like crazy. (For my foundations, I can apply them as soon as my moisturizer "looks" absorbed and they will apply fine, not with this tinted moisturizer though!) But this tinted moisturizer is hydrating enough so I don't find my skin irritated without extra moisturizing first :)

- Gives a slightly powdery finish????? That's my main dislike for this product. However it will look smoother after I set it with powder, but I still don't like this finish as much as the finish I got from my other foundations.

-  Overall: Kind of on the fence for this product. I like the coverage, the blend-ability, the hydration and comfort this product offers, but I just don't like the finish. Plus it's not the perfect match for my skin color anyway...

On the top is Lancome Teint Idole Fresh Wear Foundation in Bisque 2C, which is a perfect match for me. By far this is the foundation that provides the most natural finish for me. To see my full review on this product, click here. The middle one is the Dior Hydra Life, as you can see, it's a tad darker than lancome, and also has more orange tone to it, but the orange tone here isn't bad. The bottom one is my Givenchy Foundation, which you can see is so much darker and ORANGE -__- I talked about this foundation while reviewing Shiseido one, so if you're interested, click here

Blended out

- Will I repurchase this? I don't think so lol.

I hope this review is helpful for some of you =)

Once again reviews are very subjective, so if you're interested in a certain product but read a bad review, I still encourage you to go ahead and get a sample and try it out! It might work for you you'll never know =D

<3 Frances

I returned this lol. Decided I don't like it enough to try to use it up =P


  1. At least its lovely and warm again! The best is to wrap up =)
    I never really used tinted moisturisers. They don't seem to be as good as i thought and i know what u mean by the flaking! But wow that Givency one is way too orange >_<

  2. Tinted moisturizer with a powdery finish? That's a first..lol! Sounds interesting never the less..I guess it'll be great for extremely lazy days since you don't/can't use a separate moisturizer :P

    Will you keep it and use it up or return it? Just wondering :]

  3. Hi Frances!! Wow, I can't believe how orange the Givenchy is... O_O I guess it would work really well for people who fake bake...

    & guess what :D! I bought a Prestige liquid liner on sale the other day to practice my liquid lining skills and I think I'm finally getting the hang of it. Now I'm more interested in getting Dolly Wink. And yes, I thought I had to tell you this because you're such an enabler, hahah ♥

  4. Oops... forgot to write my reply XD

    You should definitely watch Journey Under a Midnight Sun... I think you would really like it but like I said... the first few eps might be boring for some... but it's needed to get all the back story and to set everything up.

    I have watched Hi! My Sweetheart. Personally I prefer ToGetHer but... Hi My Sweetheart is really good too. I just liked ToGetHer more because it was less dramatic and I liked the acting more. Hi My Sweetheart definitely enjoyed more commercial success though.

  5. I was so convinced with this product till read your over all... I guess it's kinda hard when it doesn't give a good coverage, defeats the purpose!

    and for the last swatches! OMG to the givenchy... its so orange.... I bet they made it for the oompa loompas! No offense.... > <

    You would think because they are good brand products, they will deliver good results but I guess not all the time!

    Thanks for the review! awesome > <


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